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  1. Im a birthmother. (whole blog under Diana's Diary) When I watched Juno, I was fine until the end, when she was laying in the hospital room crying. It brought several memories of me doing the same (tho I saw Tucker for the 2 weeks after his birth) I balled like a baby myself. I didnt go into this having a closed adoption, but my AP's have cut ties to Abrazo and I havent heard from them. I like where the father told her "one day you'll get your turn and you'll be back" I loved the movie, and am very happy one was made. It gives insight into a whole lot. I havent been able to watch it again th
  2. Yup, there are my wonderful AP's. Amy, I was going to tell you that if you ever want to know anything from a birth moms point of view, feel free to ask. Most of the BP's on here including myself would be happy to tell you anything or answer anything you may wonder about.
  3. To Amy and Suzy, my name is Diana. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant, so that makes me a birthmom on this site. Ashley and Ted Wilder are the AP's for this lil guy. Or as I like to call em, the mommy and daddy. Anyway, they are from the Memphis area and are AWESOME!!! So holler at them if you get a chance. Everyone on here is great!!! Like one big family. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi to you and wish you the best of luck through your adoption journey.
  4. Thank you for your post!!!! As I was telling Ted and Ashley when they were down to visit, I really dont like calling them the Adoptive parents. They are the parents. Plain and simple. When we first met, we met at IHOP and my mom and I had gotten them some things for Tucker and put them in a HUGE Its a Boy bag. When the waitress came over and asked who was expecting, I pointed to Ashley. It was funny cause she was pointing at me. We got a big kick out of it. Tucker will always know who I am and the roll I play in his life and I will always be there for him. But Im not his parent, thats what I p
  5. I prefer birthmom or even Diana. I mean yes I will give birth to Tucker, BUT I wont be the one to see him smile, or walk. I wont potty train him or teach him how to ride a bike or drive a car. I wont be there when he graduates kindergarten, goes on his first date. Things like that. Ashley is his mom, Ted is his dad. Im the one who gave him a chance to do all of these things.
  6. Rachel, I just wanted to say hi and welcome!!! I am also pregnant. 23 weeks to be exact. So Im in the home stretch here. I also came to Abrazo from another agency that wasnt treating me right. Same story as you pretty much, clicked with one family even tho I thought highly of all the ones who called. I talk to my AP's every day either on the phone or in email. Actually, they will be here this Thursday to go to my Dr appt and to spend a few days with me. Feel free to email me anytime to talk or whatever. Im here for ya girl!!!!
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