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  1. I hate these kinds of stories. I saw a movie about sliding doors once. It showed what would happen to lives if different choices were made at different stages. I wish more people would think through all of their decisions to try and see better possible outcomes for themselves and their loved ones.
  2. Congratulations Mom and Dad!! Enjoy every moment!
  3. Lifting up both families this morning. I know they are all facing difficult decisions right about now.
  4. Maybe Abrazo should try calling Alumni that have already experienced those "firsts" about toddler adoptions. If the alumni marked on their original form that they were willing to consider toddler adoption (as we were), their files should be marked, or listed somewhere, in case something like this comes up again. At least that way the BP has more opportunities to speak with families. I really hope that mom finds what she is looking for. Please keep us up to date on her progress!
  5. Thanks for the wisdom Elaine. We are no longer PIW's, but we will be adding to our family someday (hopefully next year). Your words encourage me that it won't have to be a baby we add, but maybe a precocious toddler!
  6. No offense taken Jada. You keep right on trucking girl! Good luck on your quest to foster/adopt. Jay and I went through those hoops several years ago before we found Abrazo. We still hope to foster/adopt through the state system, but not until we are a little older and wiser (like you!).
  7. Four Full-Time Nannies AND a daycare center??? Do these poor children ever even see her??? Isn't there a law about adopting so many children so close together?
  8. Great thread Claudia! I agree with you. It is really hard to be an adoptive parent. Not only are the expectations higher for us as parents, but the losses involved in our family are constantly put before us like flags marking our differences. My BP's loss in constantly in my thoughts. I agonize for them and the losses they must feel. I pray constantly that they can find peace with their decision and somehow we can get through it together. I worry about hte losses my daughter will feel. Everytime we get together with our families I am reminded that she is seperate from us biologicall
  9. Congratulations to all! God is Good!
  10. Congratulations!!! Enjoy your time together as a newly created family! Many blessings to you all!
  11. I read an article this weekend about Queen Latifah adopting domestically through the foster care system. She said she understood that people adopted internationally because in the US birthparents have 3 years to change their minds, but she felt like there were plenty of kids at home that needed a second chance too. I applaud her efforts, however, I am a little worried about the statement that parental rights are not terminated for THREE YEARS. What state is she adopting from? I hope this doesn't discourage other adoptive parents from seeking domestic adoptions.
  12. Congratulations to the newest baby BOY!! Very exciting!
  13. Beautiful post Jenny. Thanks for sharing your heartbreaking experience with us. I look forward to following your journey to expand your family! I agree with Mary Helen. We all reach that point to end fertility treatments in our own times. Some of us go much further than others, and that's OK. If you stop before your ready you will always wonder "what if..."
  14. Congrats to the newest family!! Cherish this time together!
  15. Wow Linda. So many changes in such a short time span. I don't know if I can answer your questions, but maybe I can help a little. I would not allow anyone to pressure you right now about membership. If they try, explain that you are experiencing a great personal upheaval just now and can't commit to anything. If that isn't good enough for them, perhaps that is not the right place for you. Church attendance is a very personal thing. It seems like you know the good and bad parts of all three churches you are currently attending. If you feel comfortable where you are, I would stick with
  16. We were warned about this when we were investigating international adoption. One agency warned us that they advised all their parents to take at least $10,000 as a "bribe" to get the child they wanted. They told us that the same pictures were sent out to several different parents and the "highest" bidder won the children. We left that agency and didn't return! We are so THANKFUL for ABRAZO!!!
  17. Welcome baby Nicholas!! I can't wait to see his sweet face at the next MAMS!! May the Lord of the Heavens fill your lives with peace and joy during this time.
  18. What a wonderful story for this little angel to tell! Many congratulations to all those involved!
  19. Congratulations! Boys are SO fun! (I have two brothers )
  20. Congrats to the newest Abrazo family!! I can't wait to meet them at Camp!
  21. I know you do girl..you're one of the ones I was thinking of in regards to that magic ball.
  22. I think I should clarify here that I did NOT mean I wanted to know the future of the child's health. I have total faith that God provided the child that we were meant to parent, no matter what. There are no guarantees in life and that includes parenting. I don't have any problem with that aspect of the adoption story. The questions related to the adoption were a difficult aspect of our adoption journey for me. I didn't WANT to make all these choices. Biological parents don't get asked what kind of child they give birth to, and I didn't want to make those choices either. What agency, Int
  23. I see your point Elizabeth. The thing I hate about that game (and the adoption game, for that matter) is that no one (other than God) knows what is in your own case. It would be so much easier if you just knew what you were holding before deciding how to play! (Can you tell I HATE surprises?)
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