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  1. Adding my prayers for this sweet little fellow. May he find just the right place soon!
  2. I hate to see these kinds of things. I often wish (hateful I know) that something untestable goes wrong with the "perfect" offspring (like bad attitude, mean personality, etc.). There are so many things we can't control in life. I really think it's too much pressure on the unborn to test them for every little thing and reject them if they aren't perfect. We all know people that would not be on this planet if such tests were conducted years ago, and what would our world be like then?
  3. Beautiful.Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing such a personal story.
  4. What junk. I can't imagine viewing my adoption so negatively. It seems like the author is still struggling with fertility issues.
  5. Interesting. It brings to mind a quote from my psychology professor "Man won't change his behaviors to match his beliefs, he will change his beliefs to match his behaviors." Sad.
  6. I find this tidbit very disturbing: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22205927/ How insane to prefer the children that were 6 months old at adoption over the newborn! :angry: Those "survivors" were still ONLY 6 months old!!!
  7. Heidi, How wonderful!! What a testament to your relationship!
  8. Jada, I understand your frustrations, but I don't think we meant adoption the way you think we did (at least I didn't). I meant adoption is an option to HELP Amanda make her life better. If she didn't have to worry about raising these children, she could focus better on herself. She could seek more education, training, etc. I looked at if from the perspective of helping her, not just "giving" her children everything and leaving her behind. To me, adoption is about helping EVERYONE in the situation. Unfortunately, as adoptive parents, we can't financially support our BP's past placem
  9. I know the system works that way. I just hate it. The system is broken. While more children bring more money, they also bring more expenses. It is a no-win situation. There has to be a better way.
  10. Sandi, Sounds good to me! Heidi, Thanks for the encouragement. I have to wait until Jay feels better (he seriously has the crud), but I may broach it with him sooner rather than later!
  11. This reminds me of a discussion we had repeatedly with a close family member before we adopted. She kept saying "I just couldn't love one that didn't come from me. I'm sure you will be fine, but I can't love someone that isn't blood." To which we responded "Are you related to your husband?" She adores Makenzie now, but she still doesn't "get" why we want to know Makenzie's birth family.
  12. Why aren't state foundations doing more to help this problem? Is there any education about adoption or long-lasting birth control? I read both articles about Amanda and it just breaks my heart. She is giving herself no hope, and her children even less. I wish someone would talk to her and help her make a life plan!
  13. It is so interesting to read this thread from all these folks who thought they were "done" and ended up with more. Even cuter to read those that were waffling and now have a full house. We too are thinking about number two. Me more than Jay . Jay is a go with the flow kinda guy. He wants more kids, he just doesn't want to do the work involved with getting there. If it were up to him, we would still be working on Makenzie's paperwork. We know we want at least 2, but we don't know when to add. We have agreed to wait until Spring/Summer to talk seriously about it. We aren't convinc
  14. We took a Dave Ramsey class several years ago at church. In it, he talked about a children's money program that he has developed. The gist is this: Don't give your children an allowance. Let them earn commission. Give them specific chores worth specific dollar amounts (based on age) and let them earn their own money. Every week, pay them and let them see exactly how much that is. Have them divide their income into thirds = 1/3 charity,; 1/3 savings; 1/3 BLOW - whatever they want to use it for. When your child asks for some toy or something other than holidays, tell them to save up fo
  15. It is certainly a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I have been criticized for not buying Makenzie more stuff. She really doesn't have many toys. She has plenty of clothes, but she is nearly out by the end of the week (which is fine with me). But I would rather fall too far the opposite of spoiling than over the other way (if that makes sense). We were very poor growing up. Toys and things were only purchased for holidays. We didn't get something every time we went to Wal-Mart. I don't think Makenzie needs that either. She doesn't have many toys, but she mostly plays with "r
  16. Wow! What a very blessed Thanksgiving indeed!! Congratulations to all the new families!
  17. Congratulations to the new family!! Many prayers will be sent your way over the coming weeks and months! Blessings to the courageous first mother that made such a difficult decision.
  18. I am tearing up just thinking about this. So many prayers for all involved.
  19. Kay, I have been looking for books about your topic and haven't seen anything. If you find something, please post it, as we would like to buy a copy as well. I wouldn't think The Night You Were Born would be good, because it is all about the AP's experience and journey to a new baby in their life. I just ordered a book by Mr. Rogers (my favorite person ) called Let's Talk About It: Adoption. It's not really geared toward birth siblings either, but it does show pictures of families and talks about how families are formed in very different ways. Perhaps you could just get birth si
  20. Are you going to let your forum friends help?
  21. Dear God, Please give the comfort that passes all understanding for this courageous mom. Help her heart to heal. Give her peace as she walks through this sorrow with you by her side. Bless her Lord with abounding joy after a time of healing. Let Your assurance fill her with comfort. Give these children your peace and understanding. Help them to realize that their mother loves them so much, she is willing to sacrifice everything for them. Give them extra love and blessings from above. Comfort their precious hearts as they grieve all that they knew. Be with these new AP's. Give the
  22. I am so glad to hear that these children have a prospective family! I have been so worried about them and their mamma. I hope they find their forever home soon.
  23. My heart just breaks for this precious family. Keeping them close in prayer.
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