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  1. Congratulations!! Enjoy every sleepy minute!
  2. Thank you Father for keeping my family safe tonight. I have never been so terrified in all my life. I literally saw a tornado form, and drop from the sky from my kitchen window. I only had time to grab Makenzie and head to the laundry room. I just sat with her in the floor and prayed (and played with Pooh stickers ). Our home is fine, we are fine, and we are feeling very well blessed tonight.
  3. Welcome Amy! So glad you joined us here! I look forward to your insights.

  4. I understand the desire to have an only child. Most of us enter parenthood much later than our biologically blessed peers. I , for one, am pretty attached to my sleep (and I kinda like having time to myself once she goes to bed). We are getting pretty comfortable in our routines around here. It's really nice just focusing on her, and just being a family of three. The thing that keeps pushing me toward two is my best friend. She is an only child (who now has 4 of her own ). She talks about how lonely she was all the time. She wants Makenzie to come over and play with her kids so s
  5. Beautifully said John. We have actually started visiting other churches since that incident (not just over that, there were numerous other problems). I feel kinda bad now for not trying to be a better influence! The people on this Forum inspire me to be my best every day. I am so thankful for this place.
  6. Well...if Charlie is 14 months older than Lindsey, then perhaps she is starting to ask those questions too? Here's hoping she finds you soon (on Myspace or through Abrazo).
  7. I am SOOO glad you ladies know what your doing! This seems excessively confusing to me!
  8. Does that apply to the mother's rights too? Doesn't that create a lot of extra lawsuits/court time/costs? What does this new law do to the finalization time-frame?
  9. Welcome Jessica and Jeremy!! We found Abrazo almost 2 years ago (we have a 21 month old daughter). I look forward to following your journey. I was nearing my 30 B-Day when we "stumbled" on Abrazo too. My husband did the best thing ever...a weekend getaway! My advice is go someplace really nice and quiet, because it may be your last few days of peace! Best Wishes to you!
  10. That grates on me. I know some AP's feel more entitled than BP's, but it makes me angry. I am no more entitled to choose the gender of my adopted child than I would be if she were born to me. I can't choose what abilities she has (or doesn't ), her personality, or her IQ. BP's don't get that privilege either. If biological parents could choose all those things, there wouldn't be any diversity in the world. Everyone would be smart, sweet, and BORING. I surely hope anyone that had the gall to walk out on a match in the delivery room were unceremoniously dropped from Abrazo's rosters. C
  11. RATS! Prayers for the perfect family for this little man to come home to soon.
  12. Praying that this family can be THE ONE for this precious angel. Monday can't come soon enough!
  13. Prayers that this little angel is in the right home soon ---and that his Abrazo angels can rest easy and rejoice in a job well done.
  14. What a moving story. Thanks so much for sharing it. Thanks for the words of support John. I wish I could speak with your eloquence!
  15. Thanks ya'll! I was VERY nervous about this topic. It is extremely personal, and every situation is different, so I don't want to sound like I am "pushing my opinions" on others. I understand that boundaries do have to be in place, and not every person can respect those boundaries. I also know that for some people, contact is just not reasonable due to many different factors. I just honestly believe that SOME contact is better than none. It helped to know that I would have the support of my forum family in case the whole situation came crashing down around my ears! (Plus, I knew I woul
  16. So it finally happened. We get to church this morning and Jay has to run the slides for the worship service. During the service, there were some errors that needed to be fixed before second service. Jay had to work on it during class, which meant I had to go to class alone. I talked myself through it all the way into the next building. My plan was to keep my head down and my mouth shut. Simple. The other AP's probably wouldn't be there anyway. Even if they were, they probably wouldn't bring it up again. I came into our classroom when it was empty. I sat in the corner near some fri
  17. The other couple is pretty defensive. As others have mentioned, they don't understand and therefore they just repulse. When we found out they adopted too (like 3 weeks after we did), I made the effort to get to know them and share our excitement. I was basically ignored and shunned. I think they just want to "fit in" and be like everyone else? The other difficulty we have is, our personal relationship with Makenzie's BP's is currently non-existent. I don't have any great stories I can share. Makenzie's birthmom and I corresponded for about five months this year (and I TREASURE those le
  18. Congratulations Susan! You spoke at our orientation with a very tiny Tasia. I can't believe how big she is! I am really looking forward to your journey to number 2!
  19. Unfortunately, our church doesn't have a preacher at the moment. We are searching, so there is no one for me to talk to that can address the issue on a wide-spread basis. Our elders are all very supportive of us (We consider three of them family - one biologically and the rest adopted us as their own ). Everyone that knows us loves Makenzie. She has been fully accepted into our family and our church. Our church as a whole is extremely supportive of adoption, and we have several fund raisers each year in support of a local adoption agency (mostly dealing with foster kids). I don't t
  20. There are three adoptive parents in our age range at church. The first had a HORRIBLE first adoption experience with an EXTREMELY unethical agency (which thankfully steered us away from them before we signed on the dotted line). They have been looking to adopt again for the last three years. Of course, after attending orientation at Abrazo, we have been singing Abrazo's praises. The couple is not ok with being "open" with their birthfamily. They currently correspond annually through their agency with their first BP and they like it that way. They do not want direct contact. They may com
  21. Bartlett TN is near Memphis (we are originally from Nashville too...very cool). The market here stinks. Our neighbors house has been on the market (empty) for almost a year. We are HOPING our house will sell quickly, but not counting on it. The only thing we have going for us is the upgrades in our house (wood floors, tile bathrooms, new carpet and countertops, etc.) We are planning on staying in the Bartlett area (probably around the Shadowlawn area where we live now). However, Jay is trying to change jobs to get back to Nashville, so who knows??? Where are you moving to Amanda?
  22. Sounds like someone needs some positive adoption language training. How great that his wife stepped up to the plate to get things moving in Australia. I had no idea thier laws were so tricky.
  23. I did talk with Jay (thanks for asking). He agrees with me ( I can't believe he is feeling it too). We are focusing on getting our house ready to sell right now. We hope to have it on the market by early spring and sold by late spring/early summer. We hope to attend orientation sometime next summer or early fall. Of course, if the right situation comes along sooner than we planned, we will make amends.
  24. Congratulations J.C. & Saint!! What a BEAUTIFUL family portrait. Christmas will never be the same for you. It couldn't have happened to a nicer couple.
  25. Congratulations!!! Congratulations!!! What a wonderful blessing! Prayers to the first family.
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