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  1. Congratulations to the newest family! Prayers for healing for the first family.
  2. Prayers for the first families involved. Hearty congratulations to the new family!!!
  3. Congratulations! Prayers of healing for the precious first family!
  4. Congratulations Brent & Lynn! What a wonderful way to celebrate this most joyous season! Prayers of love, comfort, and healing to this beloved first mom.
  5. We had a very high strung border collie when we went through the homestudy process. We explained to our social worker that he was gentle, but needed some time to warm up. We kept him in his kennel when she was over doing the homestudy. We explained to her how we intended to handle him with a baby, and offered to let him out to see her if she wanted us to (she declined). I would just be honest with your social worker. Tell her about your concerns and explain how you plan to handle him with your new addition.
  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! Enjoy this time together.
  7. Sounds like a lot of fun. Do we have to sign up to be againers to attend?
  8. Heartfelt congratulations to all three new families! Prayers for all that loved these precious children first.
  9. OK - so I see the need for something along these lines, but the whole thing makes me go ICK. I can't think any of it is comfortable for the children, or the intended parents. Knowing that this really happens makes what his names comments even more ridiculous. I'm sure he was going for a laugh, but seriously, there are REAL children involved.
  10. Congratulations! Girls are such fun!
  11. Um...I'm wondering if this "adoption fair" is real? I know I'm naive. I can't help it! I agree he needs some help with appropriate adoption language, and I'm certain he's going to get plenty of it once his statements make the rounds.
  12. Congratulations to BOTH families!! How wonderful!
  13. Congratulations to the newest Abrazo family!
  14. Congratulations to Penny and Curtis on their wonderful new bundle of joy. Many prayers of healing and comfort to their precious first family that made it all possible. Sweet Millie - may you always know the love that surrounds you.
  15. Congratulations to both precious families!
  16. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am SOOOO Excited for you all! Blessings and prayers for the brave first mom too!
  17. Congratulations to Don, Andrea, Clara, and Zachary! Special prayers are being lifted for Zachary's precious first family.
  18. Congratulations! Blessing to Guy and Linda and the special first parents who made this possible.
  19. Sandi, Scott, and Skye, and "A", We are so thrilled for your newly expanded family. We will keep "A" in our prayers in the coming days and weeks. We love you guys! I can't wait to see some pictures of the whole family! Sending lots of love across the miles, Jay, Tina, and Makenzie
  20. What I find heartbreaking is that the courts will remove Roan, but leave the other boys in her custody. If Sharon Stone's home is not an acceptable environment for her oldest son with Bronstein, then surely it is not acceptable for the younger two. Who's looking out for the babies?
  21. Deepest sympathies to Glenn and his whole family. May God comfort you in the coming days and weeks as only He can.
  22. Traci, I've heard "real" parents MANY times. GRRR is right. I always just respond with "how nice that they found their birthparents. That biological link is important". Most people catch their mistake at that point, if not you might add "I am my child's real mom... I am the one that kisses boo boo's and tuck's her in at night - I'm not sure how much more "real" I can get!" That is usually good for at least some proper adoption language lessons. Good luck!
  23. Congratulations Patti & Steve!! What a joy to finally see your dream a reality! Prayers for peace and comfort for her first family who loved her so.
  24. Happy birthday!!!

    I hope your day was MARVELOUS!

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