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  1. Congratulations on your new bundle of pink! Girls are too fun! Big prayers and hugs to the courageous birthfamily. May your life become more like the "Hollywood Movie" you so richly deserve.
  2. I haven't had a yard sale to help fund adopting a child, but I have had several to help fund pet rescue organizations. We always sell water - it sells almost as much as the other stuff we are selling. Buy lots of liquid refreshments (coke, water, etc.). We decorated the area with signs explaining why we were having the yard sale. We put up pictures of the animals we had already adopted - you may chose to put up a picture collage of your family with an empty seat. We had a pretty good turn out both years we have done this. Be careful not to get your hopes up though. We have had thing
  3. I would further suggest that you start banking that $600 a month now. We budgeted for Makenzie too, but we had no idea how much it actually cost. We have a "cushion" that has helped when expenses ran over with her (she had bad allergies and we were in the doctor's office a lot, plus she needed LOTS of toys , and diapers are WAY more expensive than we thought). Anyway, you can't be too careful. Bank what you think you will spend until the baby comes home. If nothing else, you can take a nice vacation after finalization!
  4. That is a good point. We were really lucky because another couple from our orientation group got a "BOG" call the week before we did. They suggested buying gifts for your birthparents NOW so that if you do get an unexpected call you are ready with something. Start thinking of sentimental gifts that your birthfamily would appreciate. I found a pretty wooden box filled with photo albums. I wrote a heartfelt note to our birthparents with promises to fill the albums with many photos of our precious child. I am SOOO GLAD I had that. We had 12 hours to be in TX to pick up our daughter. It
  5. With Abrazo it is NEVER too soon to start thinking about nursery stuff!!
  6. Welcome Dog Momma! I was a dog Momma to two before Makenzie came home. Being her mom is certainly more challenging and rewarding! I look forward to hearing about your journey. I third what the others said about keeping up with stuff. The only thing I would add is start organizing it all now. You will be inundated with paperwork and deadlines through-out this process. Get yourself some kind of system in place now so you don't lose stuff. Our "file" is so full of junk we can't find anything in it. I wish we had organized this stuff sooner (I don't have time to do it now). GOOD LUCK
  7. We entered the fertility maze well informed and already decided where our boundaries would be. We knew what treatments were available and which ones we would consider and which ones we wouldn't. We have unexplained infertility (VERY FRUSTRATING). We were told for YEARS that as soon as we adopted we would get pregnant (even our Social Worker told us that). It held us up from adopting for at least 3 years as we continued to wade through the cesspool of infertility. For us, the hormones just weren't acceptable. The breaking point came when I started crying hysterically (very uncharacteris
  8. CONGRATULATIONS LINDA AND ANTHONY!! WELCOME baby Andrew! We are thrilled you have joined our ever expanding Tot family! We can't wait to meet you precious boy! Love you all, Jay, Tina and Makenzie Simmons
  9. Congratulations Scott & Sandi!! I am SOOO EXCITED about ANOTHER GIRL!!! YAHOO!!!
  10. Congratulations!!!! She is a real cutie pie! I can't wait to meet her!!!
  11. Congratulations Mike and Kelly!!! I can't wait to meet that precious boy!! He is absolutely adorable and I know you are over the moon!! Catch us up when you get the chance!
  12. Congratulations Ted and Ashley!! I can't wait to meet your new baby boy!!! We'll see you at the next MAMS lunch!!
  13. Thank you all for your wonderful well wishes and support!! We are in awe of the blessing that God has given us this week! It means so much that you all have shown such love and excitement for us. We are exceedingly blessed! We are so thankful to be a part of the larger Abrazo family! We can't wait to get home to Memphis and share our new precious gift with all of our families there. Look out Camp Abrazo 2007 --here we come!!! To our precious Tot family --If we could travel to you first, you know that we would. We LOVE YOU GUYS!! MaKenzie will always know here amazing Tot aunts and
  14. Congratulations PEA's!! You are finally a full Pod! Tonya and Dave, thanks for sharing your story! It is truly inspirational!
  15. Congratulations to our newest ABRAZO FAMILY!!! I can't wait to see pictures!!
  16. Congratulations Chad and Jena!! Enjoy every moment with your sweet buckaroo!
  17. Congratulations Jay and Lindsey!! Boys are too fun!!!
  18. Tony and Donna, We are over the moon for you!!! How great is our God? Knowing exactly what we need and giving it to us just when we need it most. We will continue to pray for you and YOUR SON (how cool is that to say?!?!?!?). Hugs, Jay and Tina
  19. Joe and Nancy, Cheyanne is gorgeous!!!! Congratulations!! I can't wait to meet her at our next Tots gathering!!! Tina
  20. Way to go Robin!! 1. My personal favorite offensive comment.....said by my sister in law.... I just don't think I could love a baby that didn't come from me! I am so glad that you think you can!! WHATEVER! How anyone could NOT love a baby is beyond me! 2. . That's so nice! Good luck with that! (Would you say that if I were pregnant?) 3. You don't really want kids...They are a lot of trouble. I would just enjoy my life like it was if I were you (said by a friend with 3). So do you tell your own children that? On getting pregnant, my mother (gotta love her) It's your pajamas! The
  21. Donna, We used IDENTIX in Memphis and we have already been waiting 2 weeks for the results. The lady told us that it could take 3-4 weeks. They scanned our prints in. Our social worker told us they should mail something to the house soon. I wouldn't count on them helping you to expedite the process. It seems this is just one more chink in the waiting game. Hope this helps. Tina
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