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  1. Wish you guys would come back to the forum.

    We miss you.


  2. laura taylor

    For our Jewish friends

    That is really interesting! Thanks for sharing, Annie - I love to learn about the history, background and reasoning behind beliefs and traditions in faith. I really would love to attend a Passover meal one day - there is a Messianic Jewish Temple down the way from me - so I have no excuse not to check it out! Laura
  3. laura taylor

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Many congrats on the new family!! I have to ditto above comment --- LOVE the name Wyatt!!! Laura
  4. laura taylor

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Many happy blessings to the new family! Little Nala is so beautiful!
  5. laura taylor

    Baptisms & Christenings

    Infant baptisms have always been a favorite spiritual experience for me - I believe the souls of all present are connected by God in a very special way during these ceremonies - what an awesome venue to declare before God your committment to this life and to celebrate this gift mmmmm - happy thoughts.
  6. laura taylor

    Baptisms & Christenings

    how precious! and what a beautiful memory for everyone!!
  7. laura taylor

    Baby Announcements 2007

    The angels are singing!! Congratulations to new Mommie and Daddy upon arrival of baby Payton Cassidy!
  8. laura taylor

    Baby Announcements 2007

    am sending out warm congrats and lots of good karma over the airwaves for the new little abrazo girls! soooooo adorable!!!
  9. laura taylor

    Baby Announcements 2006

  10. laura taylor

    ThirstQuenchers: Encouragement for the Parched

    I just had to share a story that helped renew my faith in people and timing and situations... Last week, I was hurriedly cold-calling on MD offices and I had my digital camera in my purse. I was in an MD office, speaking with the receptionist when I felt my phone on vibrate - I glanced at it and saw "ID Unavailable" - which always means ABRAZO - so I quickly apologized to the nurse, left the office and plopped down in the building lobby to take the call. Wow - it was about a birthmom call, and I was intently listening to all the details, digging in my purse for a pen and writing down all the info. I was so excited that I unintentionally left my camera sitting on the lobby chair before I zoomed away in my car to get back to the office. 30 minutes later I realized my camera was gone. I was frantic b/c it had about 200 pics on it from Christmas to family vacations and I was sure that someone would steal it! Yes, that is embarrasing that I immediately thought that way... I rushed back to the building, jumped out of the car and ran into the lobby. The building seemed empty except for 2 of the sweetest people sitting in the lobby, a man and a woman, waiting for their rides. I asked if they had seen a camera in the sitting area, and the woman exclaimed, "Oh, is that what that was? Yes, yes - I found it and turned it into the Dr.'s office right there." I jumped up and down, ran into the MD office and sure enough, the camera was waiting for me. I went back into the lobby, and with tears of gratitude, thanked them for their sweet hearts and courtesy and honesty. The lady said, "oh no, no! That's just what I do. You were the blessed one, weren't you? What a blessing - what a blessing! That is so wonderful and I was happy to do it. I never take anything that doesn't belong to me, that's just not right! You have a blessed, blessed day and New Year!" All the while, the man was just grinning and nodding his head with "Ummm-hmmm - Yep - uh-huh" to all the woman's words. I left with a full heart and a huge portion of gratitude What an awesome thing to have such angels in my path --- at the very time when I needed a shot of faith!!
  11. laura taylor

    Putting up a Praise!!!

    What wonderful news, Karen!! Praising God for His rich blessings
  12. laura taylor

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Blessings and happiness to Chris, Gabriela and Austin as you welcome baby Sydney into your family and into your hearts
  13. laura taylor

    In Denial? Late Planners, You're Not Alone!

    Thanks for sharing your story, Amanda I am glad to hear that you have such a great relationship with his AP's - that is what I hope and long for, too, as a future AP... Keep praying for that reunion with your son - miracles do happen every day... Hopeful - Laura
  14. laura taylor

    Who Birthmoms Are

    I agree - but that it should be on Network TV, so this positive and beautiful love story can be seen by even larger audiences, who may not :tune-in" to the Family channel... Laura
  15. laura taylor

    Picking & Choosing

    I cannot imagine using an agency that did not get to know the birthparents and the adoptive parent on a very personal, one-on-one level. Thank heavens for this dedication - because God works through the eyes, ears, voices and hearts of the folks at Abrazo for the best of the children and the families with whom they are matching. And I agree, too, that we have to listen to the whispers that come from deep, deep in the soul that tell us we're making the right choice.