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  1. the coopers


    Jenny G Don't stress out about your inquiry and if you will get a formal application or not. The journey to your child will be so exciting and yes either way you will be one step closer to Mommyhood. Hang in there! Thank you for the infomation. If we do get a formal application sent to us, we'll see how it goes from there! If we do not look like candidates for the program based on our inquiry, I assume we will receive a response indicating that as well. So one way or another, we'll be further along on our adoption journey sometime soon, which is exciting. Jenny G.
  2. the coopers

    Baby Announcements 2008

    Congratulations to the new couple! Adoption is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how old your baby gets the story never gets old and people will ask you Tell Me It Again! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. the coopers

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congratulations to the new family!
  4. the coopers

    Baby Announcements 2006

    I hope this is who I think it is. . . . . Congratulations!
  5. the coopers

    Baby Announcements 2006

  6. the coopers

    Baby Announcements 2006

  7. the coopers

    Profiles: Presenting... YOU!

    Have fun working on those profiles; they are something to treasure later. it is weird how you work so hard on it and get it all perfect hoping to catch someones eye. Then after you match and bring baby home; it isn't complete because your new family member is not in there. When I see ours I am like WOW this was us before Cason. What was life like then????
  8. the coopers

    In Denial? Late Planners, You're Not Alone!

    Amanda Reading this made me think so much about our BP. She had the same situation happen to her only her 1st adoption was completely closed. She has a lot of regrets as she did not know that Abrazo existed and that people like us would be willing to have an open relationship. I just tell her all the time and I'll tell you time changes things and when your child is older you will be able to explain alot of things that you cannot now. I know it is hard thou in the mean time. You have wonderful AP's' they were in my orientation group and they love little Cliff so much; You and he complete their family. We cannot go back and change things we did not know so don't be too hard on yourself about your 1st placement just do all you can with this relationship and who knows what wil happen! if your 1st adoptive family knew the benefits of having more openess then they would know that it is best for your 1st child. Hang in there!
  9. the coopers

    Financing An Adoption

    Ya know it is nice that there is a 10,000 tax credit; that should help everyone! One thing Mark and I tried to keep in mind is that adoption while expensive is what most people today finance for a car and a child is definately more important than that!
  10. the coopers

    Financing An Adoption

    Lisa you need to write an adoption book; you are a plethora (sp) of information girlie!
  11. the coopers

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time will fly by so cherish every moment!
  12. the coopers

    Baby Announcements 2006

    AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo happy for you Cliff and Alison!
  13. the coopers

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Marjory and Bob I am so glad the word is finally out; I was so happy for you and really wanted to share it. THANK goodness we live in a small town where everyone is a buzz about this very blessed event (I never thought I would say that). You both know how Mark and I feel; praying for you together every morning. We love you all and can't wait for you to come home. Kiss K and Addie for us! Poor Cason he's gonna have a hard time with these 2!!!! LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH
  14. the coopers

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Congratulations To all the New Families Love your BP and BF's as much as possible before returning back home; it will be one of the greatest investments of your life! Love The Coopers
  15. the coopers

    Baby Announcements 2006

    COngratulations to all the NEW PARENTS. YEAHHHH