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  1. Welcome to the world, Eli! We are keeping everyone involved in our prayers. Enjoy these early and precious days Michelle and Jeff! Susan
  2. What a wonderful announcement -- and welcome little boy! Congratulations Wendy and Jason -- and we will be praying for you, the little one and his birthmama! Can't wait to see photos and learn his name -- Susan
  3. Susan

    Home Study

    It seems we are not so lucky, Elizabeth! It looks like Virginia requires a full new homestudy. This is the word from the agency down here that is working with us this time around. I am getting a second-opinion from the agency that did our homestudy in 2005 in hopes that it is not true! Oh well, guess I cannot go shopping yet...
  4. Susan

    Home Study

    So I have a question about the 5 visits, held over 3 distinct times -- Does this mean that one visit could be 1) joint 2) Bill only and 3) Susan only and this counts as 3, and then there are two more separate visits?? How many visits are required by Texas to be in the home? In VA, only visit has to be in the home, but I have some memory that Texas requires more than one home visit... Finally, thanks so much Melissa and Adam for the traffic about full homestudies and updates. We are just starting our homestudy process again for #2 and I need to check again with our social worker. So m
  5. Yes, AshG, I believe that Laurie is right -- Abrazo does not fully accept applicants into the program until after you complete an orientation weekend. So the next step after submitting an application is waiting to hear about being invited to an orientation. Good Luck! Susan
  6. Welcome AshG -- It is great to meet you over the Forum and welcome to the Abrazo community! To help answer your question, I would say it all depends. My sense is that there is no set time and it all depends on the needs Abrazo has or foresees at the time your application arrives on their desk. You may hear quickly if you fit what they are looking for right now, or it may take longer if they are waiting to see how other matches or placements unfold. Life at Abrazo is in a constant state of motion so one never knows what can happen on any given day. All I can say is that it will happen whe
  7. Susan


    Welcome Jenny!! Please know that we are here for you through it all -- this Forum is an amazing place and you can lean on everyone here through your adoption journey -- get ready, it is quite the ride!! Susan
  8. Congratulations to all involved...and welcome to the world, little girl! Susan
  9. Glad to hear that Matthew is ok, and that Christian survived the experience too! I must admit that the photos of them are mightly cute...hope Matthew's face is not too swollen... Susan
  10. We are so happy for you Hope and Joel!! Congratulations and lots of best wishes from here! Enjoy your time in Texas! Susan
  11. Yay!! Another WO baby and another GIRL -- all in one week!! Gosh, has the Stork been busy and in the middle of orientation too... Enjoy, enjoy these early days. Prayers too for the birthmama and birthsister. Susan
  12. Congratulations Karen and Bernie -- I am so thrilled to hear the news, and to hear how close you are with all involved!! Enjoy these early precious days! Susan PS -- and I love her name!
  13. I too would like to welcome you Melissa! And I agree with Karen. I know how hard it is to wait, but I am sure that Abrazo will get back to you as their schedule allows. I too was one of those ansy people who kept calling when we were sending in our application in 2005, and in fact I think I drove the Abrazo gals a little crazy! but once we got to orientation and then started to watch what was happening daily through the Forum, I realized all that the Abrazo gals have on their plate everyday! When we then went through our adoption journey with Abrazo, and they were there for us in the mid
  14. How wonderful to see this news Cathy and Brian!! Enjoy your early precious days with Josie -- you look so very happy in the photo! Susan
  15. Wow, I cannot wait to hear the whole story -- and how wonderful that this all came together! Blessings to all involved... Susan
  16. We continue to pray for birthmother and baby....
  17. Hi Runyan -- Go up to the top right of this screen and in the banner you will see Gallery Calendar Members, etc... Click on the Gallery and you will see a set of options. Click on the third set down (New Arrivals) -- the first photo is the new one of John, Nina, Hendrick and Sophie! Good luck! Susan
  18. Yay!!! She has arrived!! I am just thrilled to hear the news and congratulations John, Nina and Hendrick!! Susan
  19. Welcome to the forum Melanie and Joe. Call Angela about the tax returns she will let you know what is best to send with your application. Good luck and hope to hear of your journey to growing your family through adoption. Char Yes, best to ask Angela, but I think it is fine to send your 2006 returns. Welcome again Melanie -- Maybe we will meet you at a future orientation -- we are returning to Abrazo to adopt #2!
  20. Welcome Melanie to you and Joe! You will find Abrazo to be an amazing community -- led by the great staff in San Antonio -- and filled with lots of amazing adoptive families and birth families and adoptees! This Forum is a very special place and everyone here will be with you every step of your journey. There is also a great contingent of folks in New Jersey so you've got support all around! Susan
  21. Hi Fabi and Paul -- Congrats Congrats!! I love the photo on the Gallery -- he is adorable! Enjoy these early and precious days... Susan
  22. Bill and I just got back from seeing Juno -- and we both really loved it! We saw in at the downtown movie theatre near campus (Va Tech) and it was packed with college kids -- average age was probably 19! I thought it was so great that so many young people were seeing this movie and I am thrilled what it does to shed more light on adoption, especially on really impressive birthmothers! Yay, go Juno! I completely balled my eyes out as Juno was giving birth and afterwards. All I could do was cry for our birthmother, our birthfather, and all birthparents. I too cringed at Vanessa in those
  23. You are amazing Tina!!! I am so thrilled that the spirit moved you so and that you spoke out! You really spoke from the heart, and about your own personal experience, and that is what I believe can really change people's hearts. You may never know the chord that you struck in the hearts of others yesterday. You probably planted a lot of seeds that may not germinate right away, but may in the long term. I cannot wait to hear what happens next... You give us all the strength and courage to have such conversations with the folks in our lives when the time comes. Susan
  24. Thank you so much for all of your support and well wishes! And it is great to hear from Amanda, Brenda, Susan and others about the challenges and joys of adding #2! Hi to the Mohlers -- I too hope we can share the same orientation! Best of luck on your journey for your second adoption! It is so wonderful to share our journeys with each other -- Susan
  25. Hi Tina -- I have thinking about your post all day. I wish I had some words of advice about your fellow church members...but I just wanted to say that I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I am constantly amazed at how many people in our life (and in some cases the closest of friends) just do not get how special open adoption is. Something that means so much to us, is feared by some of our closest friends. I have to believe that the more we tell our personal story, the more that the people around us with start to see the beauty in this experience. I share the passion and exci
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