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  1. Wow, two Thanksgiving babies! Congratulations Leslie and Phillip and Monica and Gary! Blessings to all involved -- enjoy these early precious days with your new little ones and your newly extended families. Susan
  2. I agree with Suzi. At orientation Susan and Bill really touched us with sharing their journey to Tasia and made us feel really welcome. We also had another againer couple in our group, Melanie and David who stole our hearts with their journey to Joshua too. Instantly we felt we had connections with these couples and along the way of our journey they have were a BIG part of our support. We loved hearing the joy that thier Abrazo babes brought to them and hearing the testimony of Abrazo from them. It melted our hearts and we knew we were in the right place. So I agree, we learned so much fr
  3. What a wonderful idea Elizabeth!! This sounds like a great idea -- and a very special weekend. I really like the idea of againers being in the process together. I cannot wait to see how it unfolds and who is chosen to attend!
  4. Wonderful news tonight Jill and Andy! An answer to so many prayers!! Congratulations on your new bundle of pink...may you enjoy these early and precious moments! Susan
  5. How touching that you should become parents on the same day!! A hearty congratulations to Mark and Erin and Ric and Teresa!!! May youy enjoy these early and precious days with your new bundles of joy. May your teeny daughter grow big and strong, Mark and Erin, and may your little boy just warm your hearts, Ric and Teresa!! We are so very happy for your both! Love, Susan
  6. My goodness this is soo sad. I am lifting prayers for all involved. I remember him from Camp...it was our first Camp and our first candlelight vigil.
  7. Wonderful news for two wonderful couples!! We cannot wait to meet the new babies at the respective Abrazo gatherings!! Enjoy these early and precious days!
  8. What a great story...congratulations on the arrival of your new son, and birthbrother!
  9. Susan, Even if the adopting family tried to argue, why would an insurance company ever consider agreeing to cover an infant before it is born, in the case of an adoption/placement which may or may not happen? I would think agreeing to be financially responsible is at the hope-to-adopting parents risk for the time period prior to relinguishment, not earlier than 48 hours after birth, since matching is all based on promises and hope. After relinguishment and signing of the entrustment papers which allows for placement, a legal responsibility is now created with this child. I guess one
  10. The actual law that states coverage from placement is ERISA and the law that discusses the definition of placement is HIPAA -- Here is a useful link -- http://www.adopting.org/adoptions/health-i...d-children.html
  11. I am just bumping this us for the new Coochie Coochie Coos... Read back through and you will find detailed verbage from the law stating that health insurance coverage starts at placement. PM me if you need any help Susan
  12. I am trying to dig up a past thread that outlined the details of when health insurers are required to cover adoptive children. So watch for this on View New Posts. But, basically HIPAA law states that insurance companies are required to cover at the time of placement. Placement is defined in the law (if you read the fine print) as the time that you (adoptive parents) become financially responsible. So, for example, if you are matched with an expectant mother prior to the birth and are paying for expenses, you could argue that you are financially responsible. Most health insurance compani
  13. Wow, another Yettie placement today! Congratulations to the newly expanded family of FOUR! Wow, what a whirlwind this has been! Prayers for the special birthfamily and all involved with the arrival of this little boy!
  14. Congratulations Penny and Curtis! Enjoy these early precious days with Millie and her birthfamily. Prayers for all involved tonight!
  15. Wow, now that it what I call BEAMING!!!! Tara and Eric you are just gorgeous and glowing with Hugo Sebastian in your arms, with the glow of the Abrazo letters behind you. You have followed your long and winding journey with such grace and class and today are blessed with the end of a beautiful rainbow.... I was out shopping all afternoon...and Stickies kept calling...and on the way home it started to rain, then sunshine, and then a rainbow appeared. A feeling of complete calm has been with me since. The Sticky babies are home. Thank you God for holding our dear Tracey and Denver and Tar
  16. What an announcement...and so very true!! We celebrate with you today, Tracey and Denver, on the arrival of your little boy in your arms!! You have been not only troopers through it all, but you have shown such grace and genuine care for so many on this Forum. It is an honor and gift to call you friends. Thank you for all you give to the world...and in the hours, days and weeks to come might you receive all of the blessings that the world can give in return! We love you so much and cannot wait to see photos of you with your son. We are also holding his sweet birthparents in our praye
  17. Wow, could this be one our families in DC? Congrats to all involved - the photo in the Gallery is beautiful and sweet Ella is gorgeous
  18. Yay Bill and Lori!!!...We have been waiting for this announcement! Enjoy these early precious days with your new bundle of joy. And prayers going up for the sweet birthmother. Susan
  19. Dear Bridget and Lucas -- We are so saddened by your loss. Please know that we are keeping all of you in our prayers. Love, Susan and Bill
  20. This is an announcement we have longed for and prayed for.... Blessings on this sweet little boy, his amazing birthparents, and his adoring parents who took placement today. And our deepest appreciation to Abrazo whose staff dedicated themselves to finding the perfect union for everyone involved. I continue to be so proud to be a part of this amazing community. God Bless, Susan
  21. What a blessed announcement and a blessed arrival! The photo exudes the bond that has been built betweeen you (and did you even coordinate outfits? ) We have loved following your journey Melanie and David, and to getting to know B and her mother, by extension. What a blessed relationship you have built! Elektra is thrilled to know that another Stickyback has joined the basket! We could not be happier for you! Love, Susan
  22. Congratulations Jason and Jen -- prayers are being lifted for you, your sweet little boy and his dear birthmother!
  23. Thank you so much to our dear Abrazo friends for all of your well wishes! I just posted an update on the Stickyback thread and will post more photos as soon as we take them....it has been a crazy first two days! Thank you for your sweet announcement Elizabeth -- can you point us in the drection of some bluebonnets? Will we see them on our drive to SA on Monday? Ooo, we would love to see them! Susan, Bill, Tasia and Elektra
  24. What a fabulous annoucement -- It is a testment to the fact that things always turn out the way they should and that patience along the windy road does pay off in the end! Enjoy these early days with you new son. Welcome to Abrazo! And thank you Heidi for making this all possible... Susan
  25. What wonderful news...we have been waiting for this announcement!!! Congratulations Ashleigh, Michael and Jon Mark. And special prayers are being lifted for J and her family tonight. Susan, Bill and Tasia
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