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  1. I just saw the news! Congratulations, Don, Andrea, Clara, and Zachary!
  2. What a beautiful turn of events. Congratulations!
  3. I know some friends of ours sent in their inquiry in the past few weeks!
  4. I can't really add too much to what the others have said except to confirm that they are right. Each child's adoption story has its own unique twists and turns that makes it no or more less special than the other. There is so much more to the equation than the amount of time it takes. (I know you know all this. I'm just sharing.) Like you, it wasn't long after bringing Bailey home that the thoughts of what lie ahead with a second child were there. I love how the Lord orchestrates his plan.
  6. Congratulations to the newest family!
  7. Congratulations, Lana & Joey!!!!!! So, so happy for you guys!
  8. I'm with you, Claudia. These special messages always pull at my heart and you never know. I have always thought that maybe one of these sweet children will be meant to be a part of our family in the future. (I can't believe I am thinking about a third child already. )
  9. I'm so happy for the Quadruple "J's"! God is good!
  10. MarkLaurie


    You use a local homestudy worker. You will probably be advised to use one that does homestudies regularly so that things go more smoothly. Depending on where you live Abrazo may know some names of people in your area. You want someone that understands Texas adoption requirements. We started our homestudy a little before attending Abrazo's orientation. Getting your homestudy done earlier can speed the process sometimes.
  11. Congratulations, Jeremy & Jessica! Quite a Tent party this week!
  12. Congratulations, Davis family! We are so thrilled for you guys! We welcome Baby Michael to the Tent.
  13. Just wanted to acknowledge a very special birthgrandmother whose steadfast love and good judgement have helped bring our newest daughter home. We are so humbled by your trust and openness.
  14. Mark and Laurie, I bounced back on a thread to catch up on your journey and found the above post. Seems like Ms. Bailey knew all along what the outcome would be. Didn't she talk about a baby sister a few times without really knowing what was going on? I guess she heard the angels whispering. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you as you embark on yet another wonderful adoption journey. There is no doubt in mind. My mind also flashes back to several instances like this one over the past 3 months. The most treasured are the out-of-the-blue mentions of baby sister in her little prayers befor
  15. The stork does such a beautiful job with these announcements. And the Abrazo Gals are so incredibly awesome. And we so appreciate all your kind sentiments.
  16. I'm glad we have gotten away from these abbreviations on the forum.
  17. As usual, you bring some great food for thought to the table, Elizabeth. Thanks again for always challenging our comfort zones and helping to peel away the blinders we can sometimes hid behind.
  18. Hey Abrazo Ladies, we have started putting some cards out and about in case you get any special calls asking for us.
  19. What's awesome, Ann, is that she felt comfortable enough and you guys were "available" enough that she could express these feelings. Thanks for sharing.
  20. MarkLaurie


    Welcome to the forum, Pam. Amanda gave you some perfect advise in my opinion. Learn about the open adoption process and experience by reading the forum and recommended readings that you will find listed in the forum and from your friends who have adopted through Abrazo. Do some soul searching and challenge self regarding resolution of infertility issues, what you are open to in regards to adoption situations you would accept. Research who does homestudies in your area. The basic, abreviated process is: Inquiry, Application, Orientation weekend, homestudy, more paperwork, initial fees,
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