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  1. Yeah Jan - I know that is a wonderful milestone.
  2. Congrats to all the new forever families. The stork has been busy this week
  3. Congrats to the newest forever family! May this be the begining of many new forever families!
  4. Congrats to the two newest families.
  5. Eli was acting out a lot and finally one day he told me he missed me. With that comment I have made an effort to spend more time with him. He doesn't care if he has time with Daddy as long as he has a few minutes with me. So, he and I make sure that we have a few moments each day that are just his and mine. We also started giving him choices so that he thinks that he is in control. For example, waffle or cereal, tennis shoes or sandles, milk or water, red or green shirt. We only give him 2-3 options but he thinks that he is in charge. We also put cups at his level because he has learned how to get a drink of water from the fridge. When he tells us he is thirsty we tell him to go and get some water. He is so excited when he comes back having done that or something else. And lastly we took out tv and videos except on the weekend. There are no arguments in the morning or evening when we want to watch the news or something else. Just making these changes have stopped the major temper tantrums at our house. The hungry and tired tantrums still happen occasionally if I don't pay attention to the triggers. I forgot, we let him wake up Elly in the morning and he helps feed her too. So, again another responsibility as the big brother. Good luck and as you said this will pass with time.
  6. The stork has been busy! Congrats to all the new families.
  7. Congrats to all the new families!
  8. Ann, that is an amazing relationship with your son's birthfamily. We also told Eli's mom before we told anybody else that we were starting to pursue the adoption of a little brother or sister for him. She was very open and excited for us. On Elizabeth's comments that a higher power is in charge is so right in our case. We contacted Abrazo about number 2 and they didn't have any openings for againers at the time. We decided to pursue locally but get ready to head back to Abrazo when there might be an opening. So as I was getting our information togeather for our social worker I copied everything that I would need to send to Angela. I placed it in my dinning room where I place very important papers. When we received the package from Abrazo I went to find this pile of papers and would you belive they were not there. I couldn't even find the copies I had made for my file for our social worker. I turned my house upside down looking for them but they were not to be found. I saw the beginning formations of the January group and was jealous that we wouldn't be in it. Little did we know that our little blessing was was about to be born. When Elly came home from the hospital I went to put all the papers that I had recieved in that special place in the dinning room and would you believe that the copies I had made were there. We were being guided by something greater. And in talking to Elly's birthmom the month we told Eli's birthmom we were going to expand our family was the month she became pregnant. Then the month we called our social worker is the month Elly's mom found out she was pregnant. There is definatly a higher power guiding all of us and it is just a matter of letting go and letting them do the driving.
  9. Congrats to the newest forever families
  10. Congrats to the newest expanded family!
  11. Congrats to the newest forever families. You all look so great!
  12. Out of town for a weekend and miss a placement. Congrats to the newest family !
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