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    What an exciting time Katie and Matt! Looking forward to your journey!
  2. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2010

    Congratualtions to the newest family. What a special announcement at such a special time of the year!
  3. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2010

    WOO HOO!!!! So thankful for the official news we all had been waiting for!!! Very excited to spoil this one!!! Can't wait for Avery to tell me all about it!
  4. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2010

    Congratulations to the newest family!!
  5. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2009

    Wonderful news!!!! Congratulations to the newly formed family!!!
  6. loves her family!

  7. mlw


    Welcome Corey and Rebecca! So glad you have found Abrazo and the forum! You are right, this forum has a wealth of info and knowledge. Please take advantage of it!!! Congratulations on the beginning of this wonderful journey!
  8. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2009

    Congratulations to the newest family! Love the name Millie!
  9. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2009

    PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!! No other words to describe this wonderful announcement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. mlw

    Protestants Dish

    That would be me!!! Great idea! Looking forward to looking through the links you provided.
  11. mlw

    In Memoriam

    This just breaks my heart. I'm so sorry to hear of this news. Sending up many prayers of comfort and peace for this family.
  12. mlw

    We are LDS RU?

    We Baptists have a few 15 passenger vans and our best friends have the one step down (I can't remember how many...just not qualified as a "commercial" vehicle!)!!! I love the BMW term though!
  13. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2009

    Been thinking about you the past few days and so glad to hear it is official! YIPEE!!
  14. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2009

    Wonderful news!! Congratulations to the newest Abrazo family!
  15. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2009

    Wonderful news!! Congratulations!!
  16. Wonderful news Rebecca!!! I know you are thrilled!!!
  17. mlw

    Especially for Abrazo's Againers

    I think it is great that you are listening to the Lord. It sounds like he is doing some prompting of your heart!! You guys are doing great to be planning out now for the future of your next little one!!! So sweet!
  18. mlw

    Especially for Abrazo's Againers

    Suzi, I think I understand what you are saying. However, our wait from having Kaitlin (she is biological) was 11 years. The girls are 12 years apart and we started trying to have our second angel when Kait was a year old. Does that make Emma Claire any less joyful or less eventful b/c it took so long? NO WAY! Both of our children came into our lives exactly the way the Lord intended for it to. Is this easier to say while looking at both my girls, playing together and being the best sisters ever? Sure! Yes, definitely the wait at times was like a knife in my chest. I'm just so glad we listened to the Lord and continued on. We were blessed beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The family that we have created now is more amazing than I ever dreamt of. Each child will have their own story that will make your heart melt. Don't you worry about it!! I can't wait to see when that next little one begins his/her journey to you!
  19. mlw

    Adoptive Children and Biological Children

    Hi Brandy! I can't believe I'm just now seeing this, but I'm glad I did. PLEASE pm me with any questions you have! I gave birth to our oldest daughter, who is now 14 and then we were blessed beyond blessed to have Emma Claire and her sweet birthparents join our family in Nov of 2006. Our girls are 12 years apart, but I would not have it any other way! This is what the Lord had in store for us all along!! Please let me know if you have ANY questions! I can't think if any books, but I can tell you from our experience what worked and helped!
  20. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2009

    I'm so thrilled for you guys! I remember sweet little Skye's announcement!! Congratulations you guys!!!!
  21. Rebecca, I'm so sorry and I am glad you are venting. Getting it out is the best medicine!! We are here for you girl! Sending many prayers of healing and comfort your way!
  22. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2008

    I'm right there with you guys! November/Thanksgiving was the BEST time to be in San Antonio (of course year round in Texas aint too bad either!) Congrats to David and Tammy! We are so happy for all of you!
  23. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2008

    What a wonderful announcement! We congratulate everyone involoved in this precious little ones' life! Blessings to you all!
  24. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2008

  25. mlw

    Baby Announcements 2008

    Wonderful news on a wonderful little baby girl! Best wishes to both families and this little girl loved by so many!!