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  1. Remembering the Garrisons with love!

  2. Nita&Walker


    Praying that faith be restored for this couples dream of building family through adoption. My heart breaks for them. This is difficult. Let us know if we can help. Hugs, Nita
  3. Nita&Walker


    46 candles
  4. Nita&Walker


    YEAH Cathy! way to post'em! Just when you're not looking...it will happen! Keep the faith girlie! Hugs, Nita
  5. Nita&Walker

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congratulations Juan, Mayte & Sweet Baby Girl! God Bless You All! Hugs The Garrison's Walker, Nita & Camille
  6. Nita&Walker


  7. Nita&Walker

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Welcome Miss Victoria! What a beauty you are! Congratulations to your family! A brand new life of renewed health, faith and blessings! God Bless You All! And welcome to the Abrazo family! Hugs, The Garrison's Nita, Walker & Sw'Pea Camille
  8. Nita&Walker


    My heart is touched. Very nice addition!
  9. Nita&Walker

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congratulations Rich & Kristen on your newest bundle of Love! It's A Boy! God Bless All of You and special prayers for your Birthmother! Hugs, Nita, Walker & Camille Garrison
  10. Nita&Walker

    In Memoriam

    ((((Paula, Scott, McKenna)))) it was a pleasure to meet you this weekend and spend such special time with you! Take care and we are here if you need us! Love, Nita
  11. Nita&Walker

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congratulations to The Ventura Family! It was a so touching to be a part of the candlelight vigil last night with the newest Abrazo Family! Many Blessings for this family and this very respected and gracious birthmother. If you think Ayanna's photo melted your heart, you should see her birthmother. WOW! Love, Nita, Walker & Camille
  12. Nita&Walker

    Putting up a Praise!!!

    Oh Renee, how scary! Thanks to your quick reaction and like you said, the swift Grace of God I'm Thankful you are safe. Hugs, Nita
  13. Nita&Walker

    Nursery Notes

    Prayerfully believing that homes are awaiting these two special arrivals. May the hearts that are lead to these children be prepared to embrace their individuality and wholeness in completing the definition of family. In Jesus Name, Amen
  14. Nita&Walker

    Putting up a Praise!!!

    Your sweet blessing will be in your arms...in a matter of weeks! Lucky You! Congratulations and God Bless Your Family and Birthfamily. I'll be praying for you and for the best of future relationships! YEAHHH!!! Hugs, Nita
  15. Nita&Walker

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congrats on the addition to your wonderful family!!! Nita, did Tina's post scream loud enough for you! Ok, Ok, I got it now! Some of you will find this hard to believe, but I've been thinking (yesterday and today) that it was about time for their to be another announcement I have had a very strong feeling that something would be posted any day about another Abrazo baby I must say that when I get strong feelings like this they usually turn into reality Yeah for both families once again! Cathy Oh Cathy! Gotta love those feelings! And may they keep on coming!!