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  1. YEAH!!!!!!! WAHOO! WAHOO!!! We are so excited for you Jena & Chad! I can't wait to see pictures of our cowboy Pea.
  2. Congratulations! My heart always seems to skip a beat when I see a baby annoucement! Enjoy your sweet boy. Have a wonderful day!!
  3. I know. How exciting. To think something topped our Steelers!!!!! Have a good day, guys! Enjoy Ethan.
  4. I checked all evening for this announcement. I'm so glad to see it. Congratulations Tony, Donna & Ethan. Although we've never met, I feel as if I know you through TeddyRae. Congratulations. And enjoy your first morning as a MOM & DAD!!! Toni
  5. I vote for weadoptedthree!! She has a lot of experience with this whole sibling group thing!! And after all her three can feed and clothe themselves! But on a serious note, I pray for the right family for this very courageous BP.
  6. YOUR A MOMMY!! A little earlier than expected!! Sunk in yet? Congratulations on your girl. Go shopping!!! Again. We are so very excited for you. Lots of hugs from toni, joe and gracie.
  7. Congratulations Bruce & Dyanna on your girl. And, or course, I love her name!! You know the last time I had lunch with a PIW, she was on her way with a BOG 2 days later. Those PIW lunches really seem to get things moving!!!
  8. Hip, Hip, Hooray!!! WAHOOoooooooooooo. We are so excited for you Mary and Kenneth!! I've been waiting a long time to say congratulations to you. I know you guys must be thrilled!!! I guess you guys won't make the the Hearts for Adoption meeting next Wednesday ? Well, we'll let you out of it this time. Again congratulations and enjoy your sleepless nights!!! Post pics soon!!
  9. Amy, We plan on attending the Hearts for Adoption on March 8. I hope we get a chance to meet you there. Toni
  10. Amy, Great to see you on the forum. As you probably know, there are lots of us from Memphis. And our favorite topic of discussion is always adoption. So, feel free to ask away.
  11. Congratulations to the newest family. My heart never fails to skip a beat when I see a baby announcement. Have a great day with your new little one!!
  12. Wow! Congratulations Jason & Kristen. Of course, I love her name. I just wonder...do you ever quit getting tears in your eyes when you see a new baby announcement and see a response that says "I'm a Mom". Oh goodness, I think my makeup is running....again.........
  13. Congratulations to the new proud parents!!
  14. "Why aren't those women on birthcontrol?" Let's see.....oh....if they were, then I wouldn't be a Mommy!!! "Oh, adoption is wonderful. I've always wanted to adopt myself (i.e. Mother to 3 biological children)" .
  15. YEAH Mark and Christine. Been waiting allllllll week to see this post. We are so excited for you guys. Hugs and kisses to everyone. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  16. Could it be Susan and Bill? Congratulations to another buddy finding their way home!!!
  17. Congratulations to the newest buddy!!! Happy New Year!
  18. marthaj, I love it!! Thanks. Happy New Year!
  19. Joe and I were talking about open adoption this morning. In our opinion -- those that don't want an open adoption haven't really educated themselves on open adoption. Because we feel that if they do educate themselves (by doing lots of reading), then they will feel that it's the right thing for the child. Yes, open adoption can make adoptive parents nervous and uncomfortable. But in reality, we didn't go through with an open adoption for our (APs) benefit --- we went through with it for Gracie's benefit. Also, I have found it easier to tackle my fears on the forefront rather than have
  20. YEAH Mark and Ronda! I hope that things went well. I enjoyed talking to you a couple of weeks ago and can't wait to hear how things went and are going. Hugs from your friends in TN!!! And Happy New Year to you --- Mom, Dad & Cason. Yes, you are a MOM!!!
  21. Congratulations to the new stroller and squirrel that I've been reading about. Sorry to be delinquent --- I've been lurking here lately...............
  22. YEAH - David and Natalee!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We are sooooooo excited for you!!!! I couldn't wait to see this post. I told you on Wednesday at lunch that you just never know when it will happen. It looks like Gracie will have 2 boyfriends at our next lunch with TeddyRae, huh? Loads of hugs and kisses from Joe, Toni & Gracie.
  23. I'm with Jena. We need details! A name for starters, then the stats and of course lots of pictures!!!
  24. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Keving & Lisa -- we are so excited for you guys! It looks like you now have a matched set!!! Congrats from the Luther clan!!
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