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  1. Alright, well I have not been there, done that, but since the beginning of this journey my feelings have changed and grown so much. When I first inquired about Abrazo, I wasn't so sure about open adoption. I was more open about it than Marcelo. He had all the "normal" fears. Also, he wasn't so sure about adopting out of the white/hispanic population either. As we both talked about how we felt and what brought us to this point in our lives, God definately worked through our hearts. After orientation, everything changed! We decided that if this was the route intended for us and our family
  2. One thing I will highly recommend is put a lot of time and effort into your profile. This is what the birhtparents will look at first! It's just like the importance of a first impression. Use things that represent you. We used bright colors with stickers and cute stuff. I purchased most of the supplies at Hobby Lobby using scrap book material. I will say... the supplies can get a bit expensive, but definately worth it. Also, include pictures that show your loving side with lots of smiles! If family and relationships are big, include pictures that convey that message to them. Remember,
  3. Michelle and Dan, Congratulations! Marcelo and I just love the name Bella. We have already chosen 2 baby names we really love. And, guess what... for a girl Isabella Sophia (for short Bella which means beautiful in Spanish). She would be named after a good friend of the Paredes family. The woman is Russian and named Bella. Sophia would be after Marcelo's late grand-mother. For a boy we like the name Dante Christian. Again, we are so happy for all those new additions. Claudia
  4. Steve and Laura, We are so happy for your family. Congratulations. Laura, you are an awesome mom and a great friend. Thanks for everything and remember, we too are here for you! Your friends, Marcelo and Claudia
  5. Melissa, I think your ideas are awesome. Maybe I'll have a garage sale as well to earn a little for the baby fund. Claudia
  6. Congratulations on your new arrival Dandy Dozen Storkjackers. Let us know who you are! Claudia
  7. Hi, I'm from Cloud Nine and in Angie's orientation group. Our belief is that baptism is a sign and seal of being a child of God. I would like to baptize the baby in the first 3 months. My mom and dad baptized all 5 of their children shortly after birth. My mom believed that if anything would have happened to us, that we would be sealed by the grace of God. It's more like a symbolic thing. Like someone else said, I guess it depends on your personal beliefs and how the church would handle it. Claudia
  8. Elaine and Mickey, I know it's you two.... Congratulations! We love you guys and only wish you the best! I can't wait to see pictures of your bundle of joy. Like Laura said, if you need anything, remember we are here for you. Your friends, Marcelo and Claudia
  9. Congratulations Cloud Nine! Awesome. See you did it, and in no time at all! I have a feeling it was Mickey and Elaine, but I'll have to wait until I get home because I'm at work and I don't have their phone number here at work with me. And if it's not, Congratulations to whomever it is. We love you all and are so happy for you. Marcelo and Claudia
  10. Congratulations Mike and Stacey on your new arrival. God bless your new family! Claudia
  11. Shannon and KMTM, It's so nice to hear that we feel the same in a lot of ways about our relationship with GOD. I agree with both of you. As I am finding out, many people are very weak or need a lot of education when it comes to adoption. I can't say too much about anyone else because Marcelo and I had many fears at the beginning of this journey that could have easily closed our door to it if we had let it. I was just telling him over lunch about my post and how we had to just stare FEAR in the face and say no to it!!!! Claudia
  12. Elizabeth, Thanks for bringing this subject to light. Just yesterday, my mother, two brothers Marcelo and I were discussing our beliefs of how God works in our lives. I believe that the holy spirit works through us to help us discern right from wrong. I call it my gut instinct. Whenever, I am challenged by an ethical or just plain hard decision, I rely on using my heart, mind and gut instinct (the holy spirit). I know bad things happen to good people and sometimes, as hard as it may be, we just have to accept it! We can't lose sight of FAITH that tomorrow will be better! One thi
  13. Lisa, Thank you for your words of TRUTH. Marcelo and I new early on that being able to have a "normal" pregnancy would be challenging. I don't know if you would call it a second choice, but we immediately spoke of adoption. Not as a "second" choice, but of something we would love to be able to do. I don't think we thought of it as a second or third choice. We could have gone through invitro, but did not feel that was the right thing for us to do at the time. I can't imagine not going through this awesome adoption process. It's bittersweet but such a beautiful thing! I guess it just
  14. Congratulations and have a memorable Resurrection Sunday! Claudia
  15. Michelle and Mike, Congratulations on sending your inquiry in. We sent ours in and heard from Abrazo 2 days later. They are awesome. We attended March 2005 orientation and had a great time. Welcome. Claudia
  16. Congratulations on submitting your application. Please let us know how it is all going. I get so excited to find out how everyone is doing. Good luck, Claudia
  17. Marcelo and I are "Parents In Waiting", so we do not have as much experience as the rest of you. I do have some things I would like to share that have helped me through life so far. I know we all have our stories and have gone through some rough ups and downs (some more difficult than others). One thing that I have realized is that all the downs I have experienced on my own and now together with Marcelo have made both of us better people. We are able to empathize with others trials and be more helpful and generous to those in need. When you have gone through these losses, you come out mo
  18. Elaine, You are one of a kind. I truly enjoyed reading your story. Thank you... and thank you for being so easy to get to know. I appreciate that. I hope this is just the beginning of a long and lasting unbreakable friendship for us. Say hi to Mickey. Marcelo and I wish you the best life offers! Claudia
  19. I'm not sure if there is a topic of this nature already, but I thought it would be nice to write freely about who we are. I think it is difficult to separate ourselves from who we are and what our goals are (besides adoption) when we are in the midst of finding our new addition to the family. It's really easy to make this the reason we exist, but I think we'd all agree that having a balance is the key to personal success and happiness. To begin: I am a 30 year old hispanic woman. I am a registered nurse practicing in a Plastic Surgeon's office/surgery center. I work for a cosmetic surgeo
  20. Marcelo and I submitted our inquiry application on 1/31/05, received a phone call from Abrazo on 2/2/05 stating it was received and that the full application would be sent out ASAP. I received it on 2/5/05 and sent it back on 2/7/05. Glad to help, Claudia
  21. Marcelo and I purchased our first home in July 2004. That was expensive and scary. We've known we wanted to adopt for a long time, but just did not feel it was the right time financially and emotionally. Now that we are settled in our home and our jobs allow for more family time, we are ready to adopt. The financial aspect of it was very stressful to think about because you have to budget for the expenses of a child as well as the fee for adoption. We decided that a child was more important to us than any material good. We already took out a loan for the adoption expenses
  22. My husband and I just joined the Forum today. We feel very blessed to be able to be part of such a special group. Thank you for sharing such personal experiences. It's nice to know that there is an abundance of babies. We pray that everyone searching will find "their" match. We can't wait for ours. Marcelo and Claudia
  23. Since I'm a beginner, I just got my infertility letter last month. I called my Dr. who treated me for my last 2 ectopic pregnancies. Since he knows my medical history well, he didn't take long to write a letter regarding my infertility. I just picked it up at the office and included it with our inquiry to Abrazo. Glad to reply, Claudia
  24. I know this is a bit outdated. My husband and I are new to this whole process. We are undergoing a home study right now in Texas that is costing us $600. They quoted us this fee stating that it was a bit lower due to the fact that we do not have any children or any other family members in the home. Hope this can help someone. Claudia
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