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  1. Marcelo and I originally were sent an inquiry form several months prior to orientation, but we set it aside because we could not see eye to eye on ethnicity. I felt that if we were asking to be parents, how could we pick and choose. A child is a child afterall. Sometimes, life is more interesting with a little spice right? Marcelo's concern was how any child outside of Hispanic and Caucasion, could "fit in" here in the Valley, especially an African American child. He wasn't been ugly, just realistic. He was afraid they would be treated badly. We have come to realize that all kids get te
  2. Many Blessings to the newest Mommy and Daddy. What a joy!!!!!!!!
  3. I've been lurking just waiting for the post. A BOG!!! I'm dying to know who the perfect match for this little one are! Come out, come out wherever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. How exciting! Can't wait to get a glimpse of this blessed family. Best Wishes from our home to yours!
  5. I always look forward to hearing about the new groups! I love the bonds we have all formed. Have fun and enjoy every minute! Wishing you safe travels and "the" baby of your dreams!
  6. Bringing families together is what this is all about! What wonderful news. Congratulations to all!
  7. Congratulations Donna and Tony! Your picture says it all! Praise be to GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Can't wait to hear all about your new adventures! Before we know it, it will be our turn again. Waiting for perfect timing though! Patience is a virtue.
  9. I pray these children are placed soon and in the very best home for them.
  10. Hi Cat and Marjory, I have read some of Purpose Driven Life. I never finished. It was a gift to me from one of my patients. I'm glad you reminded me of it, so I can pull it out again and read it.
  11. I am a Lutheran by birth. Even though, I have been a Lutheran for so long, I have never felt the deep feelings for committing to Lent as I have now. Maybe, it is having a son and I feel an even deeper responsibility to him or the fact that there is such a renewal of the Holy Spirit stirring in our Church ever since our new Pastor accepted our call. For the first time in my Christian upbringing, I am practicing the tradition of eating no meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays. Instead of giving something up during lent, we are practicing being better servants. One of the ways I feel I am being
  12. Our Church just accepted a call from a new Pastor. She has been staying with Marcelo and I for the last 2 weeks. During this time, it has given us the opportunity to explore the season of Lent as a married couple. I just thought it would be nice for us to be able to come together to share some of our thoughts, emotions and convictions here together.
  13. Our homestuday was about $650.00 and the updates were about $75.00 each. I live in South Texas, "The Valley" where everything seems to be pretty economical.
  14. I think that is awesome! It's nice to hear that your Birthfamily thinks the world of you!
  15. Congratulations Jason and Kristen, I have followed your journey and I so glad it has just begun with the placement of your baby girl! Enjoy!
  16. Bobbi, You are right about giving people time to grieve and heal. I think most of my opinions are coming from being here on the Forum along with others who are experiencing what we have. When I first came to the Forum and Abrazo, I finally felt like I found people like me that could relate to what I had experienced. I felt like I fit in in if that makes sense. In the outside world, I got all the comments we are speaking about. When I talk about being honest and real with others, I guess I am talking about those here on the Forum. I know not everyone feels or believes as I do, but the w
  17. Stephanie, Thanks for the new website. I guess I'm doing alright, because I say those things too. I used to get all the comments everyone has mentioned, but now I just feel for them. I try to educate when I can and kinda just giggle inside thinking "Wow, they have a lot of growth to do." I really don't even get offended by the comments toward me, but oh do the ones about Dante's Birthparent's get me. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, hoping and praying people will understand some day!
  18. Stephanie, I looked at the web site you posted. I know it is very difficult when an adoption does not go as planned. I tend to say some of the things posted. Maybe I'm wrong to say some of the things, but I truly believe in my heart that things happen for a reason and that what is right for your life will happen. As hurtful as that may sound at a time of grief, it's the truth. What else should you think? I feel like you have to hold on to the truth, so that you don't go crazy. I'm a very realistic person and I'd rather be told how it is instead of sugar coating it. Everyone is diff
  19. Oh, I just hate that one! Whatever, I don't have any FALLOPIAN TUBES! Ha! 1. I get Oh, you CAN'T have children? 2. You had to adopt? I know I'll remember some more later!
  20. Congratulations newest Parents! Enjoy every minute. You surely deserve it! Blessings from the Paredes Family
  21. I see you have found Abrazoland! It's the best feeling in the world to know you have others to lean on. Continued best wishes on your journey and feel free to ask us anything and everything you like about our journey thus far. Dante Christian Paredes was placed with us on June 16, 2005. He will be 7 mo. on January 13. Claudia
  22. Dante's Birthmom did not really like that title either. Since, my sister is Dante's Godmother, we thought it was really nice if his Birthmother could be called Godmommy. I know this would not be appropriate for everyone, but we thought it was cute and loving, and she liked it! Claudia
  23. Hi Kristal, You have some good points. I think sometimes it just gets confusing because different people have different likes and dislikes etc. I hope we will all do our best to be sensitive to oneanother. I did want to let you know that we are going to spend some time with Dante's other mother and father this weekend. If you have not spoken to her yet, I can send her a message for you. This will be the first time his other father will meet him and the first time she has spent time with him since the summer. I can't wait to see all of us together. Take Care and say hi to your mom for
  24. Amy, Thanks for bringing up the "our Birthparent's" issue. I had not even really thought about it. You are right. They aren't ours to claim. Thanks for the help, Claudia
  25. I've thought a lot about the "Fear" of open adoption. I think it's pretty complicated, yet simple. I have come to believe that it is based on selfishness in the end... but begins with ignorance. We all want to "own" things and have "control" of our environment. It's hard to share especially someone you "think" should be yours. Open Adoption asks you to release a lot of those controlling feelings and basically just trust. I was fortunate that I was at a point in life where I did trust wholeheartedly. That was not the problem for me. The problem was ignorance. I did not understand how
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