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  1. I read this post this morning and thought about us, Dante and his Birthmother. We actually talked immediately after Dante's birth about if she did become pregant again with an unplanned pregnancy. We have even talked about it recently. I would support her 100% in any decision she made wether to raise her child, place for adoption or consider placement with another family. Those are HER choices. Of course, I wouldn't refuse if she placed another darling child with us, but we know those are her decisions and hard ones to make. As she knows too well, we love her no matter what and nothing s
  2. Congrats on your match. Can't wait to follow on!

  3. Hope, Exactly... One of our greatest concerns with adopting a toddler is what has that child already experienced and what has he or she already been molded into. As much as I believe in the ability to still be influenced by our role modeling and what we share and expose them too, my inexperience lends its fears as well. How will an older child influence what we have already taught Dante. That's not to say an older toddler will be "bad" or anything. We just have to keep Dante's needs in the forefront as well (and not bite off more than we can chew). I wonder sometimes if my love for all
  4. Karen, I, of course don't have all the answers, but I think that the appointment you plan to make with the Pastor is such a great start and a huge leap. It's not easy to admit where we could have made a different choice. We aren't perfect and you based your decision on what you had experienced personally. You can't blame yourself for that one. The main thing is that you are trying to make changes that can better the current life of your children and their future. Karen, I'll share why what you are doing is so important. Speaking like a child... I needed my Mom and Dad to show me God
  5. I think Marcelo and I would love to raise another child from birth, but we also realize that maybe there are other plans in store for us. We are doing are best to let everything fall as it may with less intervention from our human hearts. I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. I've had to relinquish many firsts since Dante attends school (daycare). The best example I can use is love. I didn't experience love for the first time in my life with Marcelo, but I couldn't imagine not being able to share my love now with him. It may take time to decide whether toddler/older child
  6. Elaine, I guess I may not have to make that call to you afterall. You summed it all up for me.... many things my heart and mind were already speaking......... It's a blessing to call you friend, Claudia
  7. Jada, I think you hit the nail on the head. We all need educating when it comes to new, untread territory. I find that Marcelo and I have been able to grow so, so much through education. It's so hard to just jump right in when the water is so cold, but I hear what you are saying. EVERY child deserves love and stability without having to feel rejected. I hear your passion and thank you for your honest words Jada. Best wishes on your journey, Claudia
  8. Talking about growing spiritual children... I have to mention this one. It made my heart melt 3 times already. Marcelo, Dante and I were on our way to church on Saturday evening for the Easter Vigil service (Dante celebrated his 1st Communion) when we drove up and he saw the Church and said Happy. We realized we had forgotton our camera, so turned around and headed home to get it. As we drove up to Church once more out from Dante's mouth comes Happy! Thinking it just might be a coincidence, Sunday morning he did it again! Believing now that church has already had such a great big impa
  9. Congratulations Kristine and family! He's a beauty. Claudia
  10. I love the pic with Isaac holding his fork, ready for cake!! Very cute.

  11. One of the things that has helped Dante's Grand-parents accept our open adoption and ongoing relationships with Dante's Birthparent's is meeting them personally. We still have a ways to go in building that relationship due to distance, infrequent visits etc., but still working on it. I would love for my parents or Marcelo's to attend Camp Abrazo one day, so they can see the adoption community in action first hand. Exposure and education is key. I mention Stephanie and Whitney in casual conversation often. I talk about the connections Dante has to his Birthparent's that are so important to
  12. Tricia, I'm so glad you and Jonas were able to reunite with his Birthmother. It has to be so difficult when you truly want that openess and it isn't there. Don't ever give up. Personally, Dante's Birthmother needed time at the beginning and now she tells me how she really knows we love her NO MATTER WHAT. I said to her yes, we sure do... no matter what. Best wishes on continued contact. Claudia
  13. To go through life knowing your beloved baby is 'out there' but forever divorced from you legally; to be forever denied the rights and respect due every other parent, while daily having to grapple with the grief that comes with the loss of a child; coupled with the knowledge that yours is a self-imposed loss, made for the benefit of someone other than yourself-- that is a source of sorrow, shame and regret that knows no end, an unparalleled personal injury of epic proportion. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and thank you Elizabeth for this reality check. Last night as I was watching the
  14. One of the things I have been sorting through since the beginning of our adoption journey and now moving into our second journey are expectations. Not only do the expectations of others affect me, my own expectations run in and out of my mind and heart. By no means would I feel sorry for myself or think that my issues are greater than any of the issues others face, but I wonder how other adoptive parent's feel about expectations. Since the beginning of our journey, I just kinda let things fall where they may, but it seems as you become more experienced in any subject matter you become mor
  15. H Jennifer! I am looking so forward to hangin' with you at Camp!:)

  16. Stopped in to say hi. Hope your day is bright and full of warmth!!:)


  17. Many warm blessings to our dear friends Eric and Laura. We are elated for you! Love, Dante, Marcelo and Claudia
  18. Very cute Sabrina! I miss your boys... they truly are spectacular! I know what you mean. Dante can do just about anything and I shed tears. He's growing up before us and turning into a little boy. Your love for your boys is so wonderful to see. Claudia
  19. Elizabeth... so true. I love having the gift of choice, but sometimes it would be nice if lightning struck and God opened the heavens and said, YES this is the one! I know, I know... faith must prevail! I liked your story and I hope that all of us as adoptive families/parent's in waiting will think of the little life held in the balance first when we make our choice for what is right for them and for our family!
  20. I'm so happy to see this topic alive and kicking! On many occassions, Abrazo/Elizabeth has pushed the envelope with us and today, I thank God she has. At first, when you are feeling out of your comfort zone and questioning the very things you thought you were pretty sure about, well, that's so akward and unsettling to say the least. Not only, have we looked deeper to open ourselves to our now biracial child, in time it came natural to really WANT to adopt a Full African American child. You wonder if wanting to adopt African American now puts you in the same place... limiting yourselves uni
  21. Yippee Heather. I love to hear those words... they are so freeing! You never know what you could have been missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so THERE for you too! P.S. I'm a bit biased as you can tell. I mean well though!
  22. Martha, I'm sorry you are having difficulty with the schedule thing, but thank you for reinforcing how important it is. Sometimes, I have to remind Marcelo... it's bedtime. He wants to sneak a few more moments with Dante and of course I understand, but It's bedtime as I stated before. I realize how the schedule is so important to Dante's security. He wakes at the same time everyday for daycare, goes down for a nap at the same time, eats and snacks at the same time and bedtime rituals are usually about the same. Even on the weekends, Dante awakes between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m. ready for his
  23. Happy Anniversary Karen... Always nice to hear about marital committment.
  24. Tom, Kathy, Maya and Ariana, what wonderful news of your second child. My thoughts our with her Birthfamily.
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