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  1. Prayers for the new family. Every baby deserves that special home and so very happy she found hers.
  2. It was great to see you at Camp! What a great way to get your feet wet... we'll see ya next year with your little one!

  3. Paula, Continued thoughts sent your way. We love you and pray for McKenna. Love, Claudia
  4. Congratulations Kristen and Rich. Wow, how quickly life changes, right? What a true testament of a miracle! We hope to meet all of you one day at Camp. Claudia
  5. Blessings to all! Thinking of you in your transition. Claudia
  6. Dee, Yes, as soon as I saw the Nursery Note, my heart felt very heavy. Praying her family is making her a part of their life in their hearts right now. Claudia
  7. Each story is so unique and powerful in itself! Thanking God that he matched every family just as he did! Doug and Jennifer, I don't think I can say enough how happy we are for all of you and how thankful we are to know you all. Gina and Ernie, So glad everything worked out for all of you. Enjoy your little one and parenthood! Claudia
  8. Great big hugs to all of you! Thank you for always being so supportive. We love you. Claudia
  9. I second what Elizabeth said in her comment!:)

  10. Hi there! Good to see ya on...

  11. I think about Dante's Birthsibling... I wonder if he is o.k., if he is happy and if he misses his Mother. He lives with his father. I wonder if his father will ever share with him that he has a sibling. I sure hope so, because I truly hope that one day when Dante is old enough that he will want to connect with him. Claudia
  12. Mara, We live in Texas and as Lisa V. stated, we'd scream if we got a call about a BOG Promesa! We'd probably run in circles before calling our SW. Anyway, we did need new physicals, insurance coverage letter, employer reference, FBI check, etc. It's all worth it to be an againer though. I'd do it a million times again to meet our children!!!! Claudia
  13. I love Dante's Birthparent's for many reasons: I love them as people... we connect on a higher level than just people who have things in common. We connect as friends. I love them for placing their child's needs first... for wanting him to have more opportunity. I truly love Stephanie for knowing her childhood and life and knowing that she wanted more for Dante. I love them for loving us, all of us. I love them because they have taken the time to get to know each one of us. I love them because they created a child we could have never created in our wildest dreams! I love them bec
  14. Hi Kristin... Interesting reading list. I'll have to check them out! Best wishes on finding the perfect orientation group for you!

  15. Hi Paniagua!!!

    I miss ya... come out wherever you are.


  16. Hi Angie,

    Just like Elaine said, but I miss you and Elaine! Sending a hug your way... Claudia

  17. Hi Angela, sending a hug your way!


  18. Can't wait to see the new family together. Congratulations!
  19. Paul or Beth, I PM'd you yesterday. We miss you here on the Forum, but glad to see ya posting! Can you post some new pics of the kids? I'd love to see how much they have changed since we last saw you at Camp in 2005. We are having a blast with our toddler too! Take Care, Claudia
  20. Hi Laura! I'm living on the Forum now, so I stopped in to greet you my darling friend!

    Lots of Love,


  21. Waiting patiently to hear who the newest parents will be!
  22. Thanks for visiting our profile!!!

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