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  1. Kristal,

    What a treat to see your loving picture! Welcome friend!

  2. It was great to see you at Camp! What a great way to get your feet wet... we'll see ya next year with your little one!

  3. I second what Elizabeth said in her comment!:)

  4. Hi there! Good to see ya on...

  5. Hi Kristin... Interesting reading list. I'll have to check them out! Best wishes on finding the perfect orientation group for you!

  6. Hi Paniagua!!!

    I miss ya... come out wherever you are.


  7. Hi Angie,

    Just like Elaine said, but I miss you and Elaine! Sending a hug your way... Claudia

  8. Hi Angela, sending a hug your way!


  9. Hi Laura! I'm living on the Forum now, so I stopped in to greet you my darling friend!

    Lots of Love,


  10. Thanks for visiting our profile!!!

  11. Congrats on your match. Can't wait to follow on!

  12. I love the pic with Isaac holding his fork, ready for cake!! Very cute.

  13. H Jennifer! I am looking so forward to hangin' with you at Camp!:)

  14. Stopped in to say hi. Hope your day is bright and full of warmth!!:)


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