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  1. A match made in heaven is all I can say... We prayed for so much for so long. It almost feels unreal that so many prayers have been answered. From an almost closed adoption to phone contact with A then phone contact with her mother, to a trip to Houston prior to placement and everything in between. This is what makes adoption and the relationships built so special. We are so emotional right now and staying focused to provide a strong, loving home for our little princess. We will be spending time tomorrow with Maya's family who have now become our family. We look forward to continued grow
  2. Faith, Your feelings are those that many of us have faced. I am Mom to Dante, now approaching 4 and Nicole, just shy of 2. We were a childless couple when we came to Abrazo, but returned to adopt a second time. The wait was not long for either, but I know it can be. I truly believe not only in faith, but by seeing that the quote "not if, but when" is certainly true. Keep an open mind and heart and your child will be in your arms before you know it. When we place less restrictions on adoption, our profiles are so much easier to be shown and birthmothers have more parents to consider for
  3. The media needs educating. He kept saying "giving up". I thought it was good to have the word getting out there and the focus on the process being nothing to be ashamed about. Trasformational is the key word... we aren't living in the stone ages and we need to get to the point where things make sense for our generation, although open adoption has truly been around for many years... much longer than the 1980's I think. I'm hispanic and Grandparent's raise their childrens kids, while the parent still plays an "open" role in the child's life. In my opinion, this is much like open adoption, e
  4. Elizabeth, What a reminder that yes... it can be well with all of our souls. Thank you.
  5. Today, I remember Dr. Carlos Mohamed, one of the OB Physicians I have known and had to pleasure of working with in the last 10 years of my nursing career. He fought the battle against pancreatic cancer, but it was his time to go home after 60 years of life. May he always be remembered.
  6. Elly Mae, I wish you much peace and strength in your decision to place your baby for adoption. It's only now, that both my son's Birthmother and I can truly reflect on this journey we have all embarked on together... open adoption. We look back with tears, laughter and praise to God that he brought us in union with oneanother when we all needed eachother most. It was all for one reason "our" son Dante. He will always be the center and core of our relationship, but since then we realize and know very well that we were meant to be "family". Wishing and praying for what you need most now a
  7. Me too, me too. This is the kind of PM I would love to be able to respond to. In a couple of years, I hope to be the one messaging the STORK. This child is going to be soooo beautiful! Someone, please respond!
  8. Kristal, Thank you for loving your son so much that it wasn't only about you. We love you and wish you the very best! Hugs from the Rio Grande Valley, Claudia
  9. I watched Juno for the first time this afternoon. Dante sat with me for part of it... I didn't know exactly what it was about. He ran and played with sister when I saw some of the shots. I bawled at two points in the movie. Gosh, it brought back so many emotions regarding our children's Birthmothers. Marcelo rented it for me and I asked him to watch again with me tonight. I hugged the kids extra tight this evening... what miracles. Thinking of all Birthmother's at this time... the feeling of separation gives me an ache in the pit of my stomach. Claudia
  10. What news to return to... Blessings to your family Melissa. Claudia
  11. Kristal,

    What a treat to see your loving picture! Welcome friend!

  12. Today was a very special day for our family and especially Serenity Nicole. Nicole was baptized on October 10, 2007 when hospitalized for an infection. My brother and significant other were to be her Godparent's, so we planned that we would celebrate her Baptism and 1st Birthday together when they were able to come down from Boston. Today, we celebrated Nicole's Baptism at church and included her Birthparent's in a very special prayer. We thanked them for giving her life and in turn allowing us to be her parents. What an emotional day... it was just beautiful. She was spoiled with love!
  13. I don't want any particular person to take offense to the above, but it's just my personal passionate take on the issue.
  14. I also think this is a great topic to explore as parents. Dante and Nicole have all they need. Sometimes, when I think about some of the things other parents buy for their kids, I think we pale in comparison... yet I think we do and buy so much. Dante is 21/2 years old and honestly we have really only purchased him about 4 toys. On his first Birthday, he received enough toys to last a long time. That's because we asked for no gifts please. I think in many ways I'm afraid if we create that monster "I WANT MORE ALL THE TIME" then we have done it to ourselves and done our children a great d
  15. Please Lord, someone call quick. I felt a tug at my heart... I can't wait to see her with her new family!
  16. Melissa, I agree. Any money you don't have to pull from the air is great! We had a garage sale and enchilada plate fundraiser. We did get some help from my in-laws at the end, but you know it's all sooooo worth it with Nicole sleeping in the next room. Praying for all those in need right now. Don't give up on your dreams. Parenthood, next to marriage is the best thing I've ever had the blessing of experiencing. Claudia
  17. Me too, me too. Every time I read a nursery note, I think if only we were ready again. In three years, I hope to be able to make that call to Angela. Praying for these precious ones and their birthfamilies. I pray Abrazo finds the family that each one deserves. Love, Claudia
  18. Cathy! Great news! I'm so HAPPY your visit went as well as it did! Your child will be loved from all directions. I'm sure that gives you more peace as your journey just begins to unfold. Keeping you in my thoughts, Claudia
  19. Adam, Your boy is a darling! I love the dark hair too!! Blessings to all of you and thinking of C during this time. Enjoy your family, Claudia
  20. Laural, Awesome news about the Footprints... I mean fingerprints! What a joy to work around all those babies in the nursery (except when they are all crying at the SAME time)! Best wishes on your journey to your second blessing. You'll love being a Mommy to TWO. They keep you on your toes, but it's ALL worth it! Thinking of you, Claudia
  21. Those "with kids" who may still be granted priority processing are those open to any race and prior Abrazo adopters who have demonstrated consistent loyalty to the agency and its program through regular attendance at Camp Abrazo, philanthropic involvement, frequent Forum participation, and ongoing dedication to their children's birthfamilies. So I truly hope that all those Abrazo againer families will consider the above. We are proof positive that the blessing will be reciprocated! Look at our darling daughter Nicole!!! Hopefully, when we are ready to parent a third child, it will all wo
  22. Amen Adam. Praying for all PIW's. The baby meant for each and every one will find their way to you as you will find your way to them. Claudia
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