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  1. Congratulations to the newly expanded family!
  2. What exciting news!!! Congratulations to all!
  3. Yesterday Riley and Bailey had their first Reconciliation. They were very excited but nervous as well. Father David is wonderful with the kids and really put them at ease. All the kiddos came out with big smiles on their faces and promptly did their penance except one of mine that forgot his. He came running to me all excited and then had a very concerned look on his face. He told me that he forgot what he was supposed to say and looked for me for answers. I told him I was not in the room with him so I am not sure. Luckily his brother came out and saved the day. I am very proud of them.
  4. Congratulations to Don, Andrea, Clara, and Zachary!
  5. What an amazing story! Congratulations to the new family as well as their new extended family!
  6. Wonderful news! Congratulations to the newly expanded family.
  7. I have a special couple in mind as well that I have been talking to over the month or so. I will be passing this message along first thing Monday morning.
  8. Congratulations to the newly expanded family!
  9. Congratulations to the growing family!
  10. What a beautiful family! Congratulations. What a beautiful family! Congratulations.
  11. Parenting twins is such an amazing experience!!! The fun your family is going to have over the years is going to be unmeasurable!! Congratulations!
  12. Congratulations Darren and Kay!!!!
  13. My goodness, what a busy week! Congratulation to all the new families.
  14. What a wonderful announcement! Congratulations to the new family!
  15. Congratulations for your growing family!!
  16. Words cannot express how I happy I am for your family. I know this has been a long time coming and Grace Ann is finally a big sister. I know he is even more perfect than you imagined! Congratulations again!
  17. Great job Nathan!! Riley and Colby went fishing this weekend as well and they loved it. Of course colby is just like his birthmother and is a complete animal lover that he wanted to hold every fish that was caught. He kept talking to the fishes like he could really hold a conversation with them. It was very cute.
  18. It sounds like you have a busy household but one filled with love. I hope you can get some rest soon!
  19. What a wonderful post! Congratulations on becoming Nana for the 12th times. I know that is one thing that can never get old!!
  20. Congratulations to both families!!!
  21. Congratulations to the newly expanded family! What amazing courage these two families had who worked hard to find their way to each other.
  22. Oh how beautiful! Reading those words transported me back to placement day for Colby. What an emotional time!
  23. Congratulations Laurel, Casey, Zachary and little brother!
  24. I love the new colorful website. I hope it brings options to those that are looking for them.
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