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    Things Infertile Folk Hate to Hear

    Ok..I am one of the forum friends that get on daily and never write anything. But the last few times I have gotten on this topic I can just feel my blood pressure going up. As I too have heard many of these DUMB things people say. One that broke my heart that hasn't been mentioned that was said to me was.... when God is ready for you to be a mom he will bless you with a baby. Now don't get me wrong I know that God's timing is PERFECT but that statement made me feel like I was a bad person and when I GOT IT TOGETHER he would bless me!! Man, that one hurt. Some people!!!
  2. tera jo

    Coming Back Through

    Good Luck!! Keep us posted!! Tera
  3. tera jo

    Coming Back Through

    Hi Everyone, This is a good topic. I was also nervous when we decided to adopt again to tell our birthmom. I started out by saying what would you think if Brayden became a big brother? Then she asked me if I was pregant. I laughed and said no and then went on to tell her about what was going on. She was very excited and wanted to talk to our second birthmom. She said if she could help her in anyway she wanted to. So, I gave her our second birthmom's number. BUT before I did I asked our second BP if she wanted to talk to her. She thought it would be great since she didn't know anyone who has been threw this. Make a long story short they talked and met and now are great friends. Like they each say their children are brother and sister. They have even gotten together after our second adoptation. I'm thankful that they are friends and they can lean on each other if need be. Speaking of bms I do want to take a minute and brag about our first one. She is graduating from nursing school in May. I'm so proud of her!! She has really made her dreams come true. She is also getting married in may to a great guy. OK.. I'll stop BUT I am very proud and happy for her!!
  4. tera jo

    Infertility Qualification

    Elaine, I'm excited for you and your husband!! I can remember orientation weekend like yesterday!! It was an awesome experience!! Plus we had a blast!! Have a wonderful trip in march!! Tera
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    Greatly Put!! Once you are home safe and sound it truely does just melt away!!
  6. tera jo

    Dr. Phil

    Those stories sound just like what happened to my friends the Gurneys. They too had a private adoption and their lawyer didn't have a clue to what was going on and because of that they had to return their baby girl at age 2 1/2!! It is horrible on the child!!! The Gurney's had a female that got a hold of them to tell them her story. She was adopted and was returned at age 4 to her birthparents. Yes, a little longer than Sierra. BUT it has had horrible effects on her. She always was waiting for her mom to come and get her. Now as an adult she has problems trusting people. When she was old enough she sought out her adoptive parents. And they now get to have the relationship that was taken away. Anyway, stories like these are just awful!!! How blessed I am!!
  7. tera jo

    Adopting a second time

    Hi Melissa, This is my first time posting. I get on the forum all the time but just never write. I'm not great at writing what I'm thinking but I'll try. We have a wonderful little boy who we adopted from Abrazo 4 years!! We had a great experience and were going to do it again when he turned 3. God had other plans for us. The summer he turned 2 we had a call from my hair dresser wondering if we wanted to adopt again. I said of course! We met that day with a birthmom and Gracie Jo was born Feb.17th. We were placed with another great experience but the second go around was a private adoption. We have a great relationship with our first birthmom. When we told her about our plans she was very excited that Brayden would be a big brother. She ended up talking and meeting with our second birthmom. They have been great support for one another and have become close friends. Hummm.. back to your question I think each case is different and special in its own way and that is A GOOD THING!!! I'm sure your b.family will be excited that your little one will be a big sister!! Anyway,see I just mumble!! I do wish everyone the best of luck on completing their family!! Tera