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  1. Congratulations to the new the family of three. Saying prayers for all families involved.
  2. has not set their status

  3. Looks like a long awaited beautiful baby boy has arrived. Congratulations!
  4. Big Congratulations to the ALL of the newly formed families! Keeping your family and the birthfamilies in our prayers.
  5. How about a smile? click the link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1056500/-UK.html
  6. Congratulations to the newest family! What a lovely family photo - you are surely blessed.
  7. Congratulations to Darren and Kay! Such a blessing for all of you. Keeping your family and the birthfamily in my prayers tonight.
  8. Mark and Laurie, I bounced back on a thread to catch up on your journey and found the above post. Seems like Ms. Bailey knew all along what the outcome would be. Didn't she talk about a baby sister a few times without really knowing what was going on? I guess she heard the angels whispering. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you as you embark on yet another wonderful adoption journey.
  9. A big Congratulations to the latest newly formed families. Lifting up the birthfamilies enduring difficult emotions right now.
  10. Congratulations to the newest family!! Such a wonderful blessing!
  11. Trusting that God will continue to lead the way.
  12. Wow! The Stork has been busy. Congratulations to the newest families!!
  13. Welcome to the world little Michael!! Congratulatoins to the family of three! Keeping you and your birthfamily in my prayers today.
  14. Congratulations to the much awaited first Abrazo 2008 baby!!! Henry looks just as smitten as his parents.
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