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  1. Congratulations! I'm excited to read this news!
  2. Does this mean you'll be there?!! That would be great! Yay! Jump on board!
  3. I can't believe your sweet granddaughter is in Kindergarten already! Hope she has an amazing year!
  4. Congratulations to the newest Abrazo family!
  5. He was a very nice man and such an important part of so many of our adoption journeys. My sympathies to those who loved him...including the Abrazo chicks.
  6. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys!
  7. You've gotten me curious. Hoping it was a good speechless, and not a bad speechless!
  8. Congratulations Ben and Lena! I look forward to meeting your son!
  9. Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of diapers, sweet baby sounds, and sleepless nights!
  10. Congratulations on this unexpected blessing!!
  11. Thanks for you feedback, guys. Hannah, I can relate to much of what you wrote. From conversations with you to what you've shared on the forum, I know we are on the same page. I think learning about the "negatives" of adoption have definitely made me more sympathetic. But I can't stay there all the time and be a good parent. And I try not to "borrow" trouble or worry about the future...about things that may never happen or would not change by my worrying! I must trust God to see us through whatever difficulties we face in raising our kids...those related to adoption and those that are not. El
  12. (Cue the crickets chirping!!) Nothing makes me sadder than to think that my children will feel loss for the choices made on their behalf. Or to think that our love and our family are "not enough." And I don't like to read/hear about the negatives of adoption. I had no idea when I started this journey more than 13 years ago, that there are so many people who strongly feel that adoption should be done away with. But, I don't see that as a realistic option. In a perfect world, of course it would not be necessary, but as we all know, our world is far from perfect. While I definitely think there
  13. I came across this article today (posted by a friend on FB). http://networkedblogs.com/R6h7o I'm still processing it, but was definitely struck by numbers one and three. I am FB friends with my son's older siblings. They are great kids (age 14 and 16), and they have a very tight bond. I do get sad sometimes that he is missing out on growing up with them. Does anyone else ever feel like this? On number 2, I thought it was interesting that the author's perception was that her adoptive mom got busy and neglected the relationship. This definitely may have been the case, but I know for me persona
  14. For everything there is a season...so glad your season of waiting is over, and your faith has become sight! Congratulations!
  15. Been waiting on pins and needles for the official announcement!! Congratulations Steven, Melissa, and Ollie on your newest family member. She is beautiful. I know Grand Mimi is proud too and ready to spoil her! Prayers being said for Amelia's first family who are a very special part of your family.
  16. Great quote Mari, and a great reminder for me. Our house has a revolving door with kids coming and going all the time. We have lots of kids in our cove, and if they are not in our house, they are in our garage/yard/always close by. My kids constantly ask if they can have friends over because they know (most likely) I'll say yes! At first I resisted it a little, but then I began to embrace it because I always said I wanted to know where my kids were and who their friends were. I'm glad they enjoy having friends over, and glad their friends enjoy being here! I am blessed!
  17. Yesterday Joshua and I were helping out in the 2 year old room at church like we do once a month. One of the other workers had her 6-year-old daughter in there with her. I asked the girl if she knew my daughter Lydia, who is coming up on her 6th birthday, and then showed her a picture. She said, "Yes, I know her. She goes to my school too." (We have lots of schools represented at our church.) She then asked if she was my daughter or my granddaughter!! Gotta love the (sometimes brutal) honesty of kids! Technically, I'm old enough to be her grandmother, but I would have had to start my family
  18. You are always there for others, so it is an honor to be here for you. Thanks for entrusting your concerns with us, and I add my prayers to the many others.
  19. Very well said Suzi! Adoption is not for the faint of heart. It is definitely a leap of faith. It sounds like you've already taken some leaps and experienced some heartbreak. While all of us who have become parents through adoption are different and have different stories, I think the thing we all agree on is that when your child is in your arms, it doesn't matter what you went through before that point. They are worth it, and you would do it all over again!
  20. Hi Matt and Katie, Welcome to the forum! Your questions are always welcome here! It sounds like my husband and I went through a similar process as y'all are. We tried to adopt independently first, then with a local agency (we were in TN at the time...now we are just across the state line in north MS). That particular agency also does not do very many placements. After about a year total we found our way to Abrazo (through the recommendation of our social worker and one of my husband's co-workers at the time) and eventually to our son! We went to orientation the last weekend in September, talk
  21. Just be glad it's not the song in Melissa's voice and with hand motions stuck in your head! Talk about annoying!! Just ask anyone who's ever been privileged to ride with her to an Elite Retreat!
  22. So sad. Prayers for those she leaves behind. Stork, was she ever on the forum? Her first name is unusual but sounds familiar.
  23. Happy Mother/Grandmother's Day to you too Mari! Thanks for sharing this thought with us. While most of us yearned to be mothers for many years, the reality of mothering can sometimes make you weary. What a great reminder that what we do--even the mundane, unnoticed and unappreciated things--makes a difference!
  24. Rejoicing with you Tim and Leslie! I can't wait to meet this precious girl!
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