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  1. Congrats, and I gotta say love the name, I love the spelling too, we do nto see it that way often
  2. Praise for the safe delivery of our nephew this morning. Micah was 7 lbs. 15 oz, mom and baby doing great! Beth
  3. Lighting candles for both boys birthfamilies, adn for Garen's birthdad, who we a missing this month as Garen turns 3.
  4. Congratulations to all the new families, it seems the stork has been busy lately.
  6. No moreso, apparently, than when they advertise on Google with a heading that reads OPEN ADOPTION to entice women seeking such services, and then state clearly on the birthparent page of their website, under "Readers Q&A" that they don't really "do" open adoption (only semi-closed, which is limited to letters and photos sent through their agency. Grrr!) ?!?!?! I guess you could say we have a Big G baby, though we never worked with that agency that is in our back yard. But our birthmom lived there, chose an adoptive family through there, but after his birth she chose not t
  7. We too switched to Abrazo for our second domestic adoption. we loved our 1st agency, we wanted our children closer than there regs would allow, due to the age of our first child at placement, we used them for the local support and social workers, but Abrazo was where we were meant to be for number 2. I feel we had a good idea of open adoption going in, but we loved orientation weekend with Abrazo. There were things at orentation that we had not heard before and that we learned more on, of course I do not think you can ever stop learning about open adoption. I think Abrazo and the other ag
  8. any news on this boy? he has been in my prayers alot this week.
  9. Is that even a realistic expectation, I mean really no caffine, I always thought I would not drink caffine, but when it came down to it, I was not able to give it up, but I did cut back. I know both the boys birthmoms had caffine during their pregnancies, though one more than the other. Well I agree is this couple even a good fit for Abrazo? I was recently talking with my first adoption social worker, and we were discussing openess not only in terms of contact but in accepting of cases based on medical info and the like. And how the pickier you are the longer your wait can be. You have to
  10. Paula, Scott & Mckenna, I too was sorry to hear of your loss, but I know that meeting his family and hearing stories is a blessing. Having lost our son's birthfather over the Christmas Holidays, I understand how you feel. Hearing of McKenna's loss reminded me of that time for us, not to mention we had just spent some time with people who knew garen's birthfather, and heard more stories about him. I am glad you were able to make the visitation, I regret we did not make Garen's birthfather's memorial service, but the weather did not cooperate with me that day. The Terry's
  11. Laural, I am with Adam, if you feel comfortable mentioning something to one of the pastors at you rchurch do it. I know the Methodist church we go to in Ft Worth, alot of times is looking for what the congregation needs adn how they can meet that, you might not be the only one who would like something more. Have you joined a UMW(united Methodist Womens group) our church has several circles that meet at different times and days monthly, the circle I am in is mostly younger moms, though some have elementary age kids, but it is nice we meet twice a month during the school year at a local sp
  12. Congrats to Dan & Erica and big brother Danny, we are so happy for you. Camp was truely amazing this year. hope to hear more from you soon The Terry's
  13. Jenny I share your same fear, we have 2 boys both through adoption but I wonder about number 3 and possibly 4, but there are days that I think 2 is good, and if 3 or 4 never come than that was meant to be. I am still unsure about when or if we will adopt again, though I strongly feel that we one day will. I still have the fear of how birthparents will view us in the future becuase we do already have 2 children, but then I remember that there is a perfect birthparent/child for everyone, and you just have to wait for that birthparent/child to find their way into your hearts and home.
  14. Marjory & Bob We are so happy for you, can not wait to hear all about your new little one. congratulations the terrys
  15. One of the comments that drove me crazy, was "you are still young you have plenty of time." Now this might be true but after 5 years of marriage and still no kids, even though I was still in my mid twenties, that was a little hard to hear. I also had someone tell me that God must not want me to have children. I used to post on an infertility board, and several us us mentioned we prayed for children, and even prayed for God to take the desire out of our hearts if we were not meant to be moms, either by adoption or biology. And some other woman came on and posted that comment. My theory wa
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