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  1. The Duncans

    Got any experience with this?

    I did not try egg donation but considered the option after our attempt at in-vitro with my eggs was not successful. The bottom line that made the decision for us against egg donation was this - how do you explain to a child that his mother was donor egg #3457? For some people, egg donation is a wonderful option and I encorage people to explore that option if they are comfortable with the physical, emotional, and financial risks involved. Overall, it just seemed very cold and too scientific for us. The experience of a pregnancy would have been nice, but not a requirement as we knew we could unconditionally love a child that was not biologic. A family, not a pregnancy, was our intended goal and we will become parents in the next few weeks. We enjoy the relationship with our birthmother and feel that our lives have been enriched through the experience of open adoption. Best of luck to your friend!! Brooke and Claudia
  2. The Duncans

    Baby Step: Start-Up Advice for Newbies

    We think Abrazo is the best thing that has happened for us. We found them through a friend here in Memphis by total chance (or was it more than that?). They've been great to work with. They're honest. They don't sugarcoat. They present the reality of all situations, but with a whole lot of love and caring. You should choose them.
  3. The Duncans

    When To Say When?

    My advice is to start researching adoption even if you haven't made up your mind to adopt- the idea grows on you quickly when you realize that you will regain a sense of control in your lives - no more hormone treatments, shots, dreading the start of your cycle, etc.. You can even have spontaneous sex again and not worry about those silly ovulation days!! Once we came to terms with our infertility and started considering adoption, we felt a huge sense of relief. We have now started a wonderful relationship with our birthmother and feel that open adoption was meant for us all along!