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  2. CONGRATULATIONS Heather and Shawn!!!!!!! I was thinking and praying for you all last night. Yeah for little boys!!! Congratulations also for the newest Rats Baby BOY!!!!!! Thoughts and prayers for everyone in all of the newly joined families. Lisa V
  3. Heidi...You are just so great! Lisa V
  4. Beautiful picture of a beautiful family! I LOVE the name!!! Lisa V
  5. Congratulations to the new family!!!!! Enjoy every moment Mommy and Daddy!!!!! Many thoughts and prayers for the birthfamily during this time. Lisa V
  6. As a PIW I have to say this is very cool and incredibly touching. Thanks everyone for keeping us all in your thoughts and prayers. Lisa V
  7. Congratulations Mommy and Daddy to Little Miss Victoria!!!! Beautiful family!!!! Lisa V
  8. Oh my goodness! Happy incredible times for the new families! Congratulations Venturas on becoming a family of 4! Your children are just beautiful! Congratulations Kristin and Rich! Baby Alexander is just amazing! What a ride! I love the number 3!!!! Many thoughts and prayers for easy transitions and peace for the birthparents. Lisa V
  9. Huge smile and chills on my arms!!! YEAH! Congratulations on your bundle of blue and your family!!!! Enjoy every moment!!! Lisa V
  10. Congratulations to the new beautiful family!!!!! Baby Tyler is just so handsome! Enjoy every moment!!!! Lisa V
  11. Oh my goodness!!! Happy tears!!! Congratulations to this incredible family!!!! Yeah Lisa, Lance, Kayleigh, Brennan, Meg, and so many others. I am so happy for you and my heart goes out to you all as well. Oh how this little boy has so many that love him! Lisa V
  12. Yeah Joe and Kim!!!!! Congratulations on your bundle of PINK...... MOMMY and DADDY!!!!! Many thought and prayers for this birthfamily during this time. Lisa V
  13. Congratulations to all of the new families!!!!! Yeah H3s!!!!! A BOY!!!! Yeah Burns Family!!!! TWO makes SIX!!!!!!! Lisa V
  14. Oh HAPPY HAPPY times for the new family! Congratulations on the baby GIRL!!!!! Yeah Mommy and Daddy and BIG brother DANTE!! Enjoy every incredible moment! Lisa V
  15. That just makes me so mad and sad at the same time. I know others have discussed this on the forum in other spots. It is just terrible that a woman makes the difficult decision to place her child and then is swayed to not do so by someone that says they will help and they DON'T. Then to add to it he not only does not help he kills the child and says he was drunk! I know things like this happen all the time, but not necessarily ending in death. We know of a situation where the father actually abuses the child and CPS has been involved MANY times and still nothing is done. The child is jus
  16. We did an update when we began our second journey and found out we should have waited. We sent in a copy of our original homestudy and that was enough (along with reprints/ physicals/ newly filled out Abrazo forms/ and reference letters) to start the process again. We will need to do an update when we are matched and nearing the due date. If we get a BOG we will scream, call our social worker and beg to get her here in an hour, scream more, and hope all gets completed in a reasonable timeframe. As I understand it with the new rules Andrew (who is 3) will need to be interviewed! Now THAT s
  17. Congratulations to the new and beautiful family!!!! You all look so happy!!! Enjoy every moment with your little girl MOMMY and DADDY!!!!! Lisa V
  18. Congratulations to the new family MOM and DAD!!!! May your family enjoy every moment!!!! Yeah a GIRL!!!! Lisa V
  19. Congratulations on the newest addition to your incredible family! What a beautiful son! Enjoy every moment! Lisa V
  20. CONGRATULATIONS MOMMY AND DADDY!!!!!! A BABY BOY!!!!!! How absolutely incredible and amazing! May your lives be forever entwined! Enjoy every moment! Prayers go out to everyone in this amazing family that has been touched by adoption in so many ways. Lisa V
  21. What a beautiful FAMILY!!!!! Congratulations on your new baby BOY MOMMY and DADDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly many thoughts and prayers go out to this incredible birthmother. Lisa V
  22. YEAH!!! Congratulations on Baby Jack!!!!! Boys are so much fun!!! What a blessing to have such an incredible birthmother. What an incredible family! Yeah Fishies!!!! Lisa V
  23. Congratulations to the new family! Boys are so much fun!!!!! Enjoy every moment! Many thoughts and prayers go to your son's birthfamily during this time. Lisa V
  24. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Oh my gosh! God sure does work in amazing ways! Welcome little man Nicholas! Wishing you all of the happiness, love, strength, and joy during this incredible and very emotional time! Lisa V
  25. Congratulations to the new family! This little angel sure does have many people that love her! Enjoy every moment! Lisa V
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