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  1. There were two really great posts in response to a post I did recently on another subject (under the topic, "This is the Time You Want to Give Up, Finding a Needle in a Haystack") that I felt were just too good to not copy them here as they relate so directly to this particular subject. I hope these posts will touch the lives of others who are still evaluating and making these types of decisions, they were spoken so much from the heart and I just wanted to be sure they didn't get buried somewhere where they wouldn't be found by someone looking for just this type of support. -Lisa It
  2. it was around $50 per person [i think] lisa
  3. stephanie, my understanding from the letter angela sent out [referenced in her post above] and her post above is ALL Texas residents must have their fingerprints done electronically as Texas dept family services requires they receive the clearance electronically, regardless of whether or not you have current FBI clearance through te paper cars as we asked the same question wheen we rec'd that letter from abrazo [because we too did the fingerprit thing through fbi the old fashioned way...shortly before you if i recall correctly. when i talked to angela about it [afer receiving that letter] s
  4. Hey there Texas residents who have had electronic fingerprints done... I'm curious as to how long it's taking for them to come back? Are there any families on here who have had them done and have them back yet? Not to be nosy or anything, just thought it may be helpful for us to share the info on what sort of timeframe we should/could expect. On October 18, I checked Identix's website to see when the soonest we could schedule an appt would be and scheduled one for October 31st for both of us so that's when we had ours. They gave us receipts (which I haven't sent to Angela yet, oops!) t
  5. Hmmm.....I am confused! I thought we could no longer just do the fingerprint cards the old fashioned way - that it had to go through DFPS electronically based on that new Adam Walsh law? -Lisa
  6. Hi there, Just wanted to put a link here to the thread w/info on Abrazo's next Orientation in December..scheduled for December 1 - 2, 2006. http://abrazo.org/forum/index.php?showtopi...amp;#entry64341 Lisa
  7. I'll start! This is my first post, I remember it well - we had just finished our 2nd IVF cycle and learned we weren't pregnant and we had already discussed that if that one didn't work, we would grow our family through adoption. I had heard about Abrazo for 4 years from my mom - a friend of hers had a daughter and son-in-law who had adopted through Abrazo and had a really good experience - finally, I decided to contact this person that my mom had been bugging me to call for over 4 years! She shared her adoption experience with me, said glowing things about Abrazo and told me about their we
  8. I thought it would be kinda fun to reminiscence a bit about the very first time we ever posted on the forum - what was that post? what were we thinking when we posted it? were we nervous? what were we hoping for? how did we find the forum? etc etc etc? I guess I'm feeling a bit nostalgic with all the new members and Orientation groups on the forum who are just getting their feet wet in this place called Abrazo's Forum - it's been a little over 4 years and 2000 posts for me when I very first posted here but I still remember well those early days and feeling like at last, I'd found where I was
  9. I too have been trying to figure out how I feel about all this...I have to say, I was not at all "impressed" by the Madonna interview on Oprah - she used this horribly antiquated way of thinking analogy when describing why she thinks David's biological father is saying he didn't realize adoption is forever - I can't remember how it went exactly other than she implied that how most adoptions are done here, these days, are where the birthmother never sees or hears from the adoptive parents again. At that moment, I realized that Madonna is just so representative of so many normal people in the U
  10. hi and welcome to the forum!! here is a link to a similar topic i began earlier this year, http://abrazo.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=3064 i'm not able to put a direct link at the moment but will in the morning... lisa
  11. bumping this informative topic for my fish friends as the topic of homestudy costs came up over dinner saturday night...it says updates, but people have also shared their original homestudy costs as well [and Char, someone posted the going rate in MI is roughly 1600, so y'all were right to think the 2300 quote one agency gave you was on thehigh side]
  12. I could not agree with you more on this point (and thanks Christina for fielding that question as well, I know when we began our journey, this weighed heavily on my mind - it was like jumping into the unknown and the sky was the limit - we were just trying to get our ducks in a row and would have loved some real life scenarios (and one of the great things at Orientation is they address this but still, even before we went to Orientation, we were just very interested in the financial side of things - I guess after going through 2 unsuccessful IVF attempts (with no insurance coverage), we were ju
  13. Just bumping up another topic for any newbies out there who are still exploring adoption and learning the ropes - this is a great intro on positive adoption language. -Lisa
  14. Hi Lauren, You are soooo kind!!! Thank you so much - I would love for Kayleigh to have a sort of Auntie/Uncle who also share her heritage/roots. I think I've posted this on here before but I feel Kayleigh was priviliged to have been born Jewish - not many people can say they are of Jewish heritage and the last thing I want to have happen is for her to lose that connection (although I'm doing a lousy job at the moment of establishing the connection too, I've yet to contact our local Rabbi to look into sharing Sader (I think I spelled that right) with another family in the area (on the recom
  15. linlacor


    Hi Andrea, Just wanted to give you a big huge welcome to the forum and soooooo happy you found your way to Abrazo!!! Looking forward to following your journey and hope to meet you soon someday! Wishing you the best and wishing Charlie a very Happy Homecoming Day!!! Lisa
  16. webmaster, can we possibly move these unrelated topics cocerning open adoption, etc to a more apprpriate thread so we can discuss these thoughts in a more suitable location than where amanda updates us on her life? thanks, lisa i'd love to share my thoughts on the subject [as abirthmother in a closed adoption] but don't feel this is the thread to do it.
  17. Hi Cathy, I don't know that I'll be much help but I can share with you (and anyone else who is trying to decide between the two) what ultimately helped me/us decide to do a domestic adoption rather than international (this was before we had even attempted our first IVF cycle though so we weren't even sure we'd be doing adoption but we did make the decision at that point (after lots of research) that if we did go the adoption route, we would do domestic. The main reason we decided to do domestic was that it was SO important to me to have a newborn - and I knew that the best case scenario if
  18. Just wanted to post a link to an Adoptive Families Magazine article called Siblings and Adoption So you'll know what it's about (and understand why I have it bookmarked, its summary states: Whether you create your family through adoption only or a combination of adoption and biology, adding a new family member is always a joyful event. Here, we’ve collected the best articles from the archives of Adoptive Families on deciding to adopt a second (or third…) child, preparing a child to be a brother (or sister), fostering strong sibling relationships, parenting blended families, and more. -Li
  19. Heather, I have not yet read the book, it is something I'm a bit afraid of to read - I was not forced or coerced to place my child for adoption (they were before my time) but I still think it would hit a little close to home in that they had closed adoptions...anyway, I just wanted to say that the book was very well received by this triad group I am a part of that consists of mostly adoptees and birthmothers - so I wouldn't describe the book as anti-adoption at all, I don't believe that was the intent - rather to raise awareness of a group of women who otherwise are forgotten. -Lisa
  20. I'm on a triad email list and rec'd this today and thought I'd share it - it's a link to an interview with some of the birthmothers who were profiled in Ann Fessler's book "The Girls Who Went Away" (Elizabeth referenced the book in a previous post above) In case you missed this morning's interview on Good Morning America with Ann Fessler, you can see it (after the commercial) at Good Morning America Interview - The Girls Who Went Away
  21. I'm pretty sure Abrazo asks that they be double-sided now...at least that's what the paperwork says that I have, although - I think when I did our profile when we were adopting Kayleigh, it was single-sided so maybe that's a recent thing... Lisa
  22. It's 4 - 6 pages, double-sided, total - so, if you want to have 4 pages of stuff in your profile, that means you'll have 2 pieces of paper with something on the front and back of each page or if you want 6 pages of stuff in your profile, you'll have 3 pages front and back (so, the most pieces of paper you will have is 3 pieces). Hope that answers your question. If you would like to see an example, I have mine in PDF format (I think) and would be happy to email it to you - we did a 6 page profile. Just message me your email address and I'll send it to you. Lisa
  23. Thanks you two! I guess I'm just an information junkie...anytime I'm interested in something, I just read everything I can get my hands on to learn about it (you should have seen me when we decided to try to get pregnant, my mom thought I was crazy because I read every book you can imagine on how to get pregnant (this was before we knew we had "issues") She kept telling me, in the olden days, when I got pregnant, we just had fun - you are making it way too scientific Lisa! Fortunately, I have somewhere to share the information on the adoption stuff, I'm sure noone is very interested in wh
  24. Awww....Jenn and Dave - welcome to Abrazo's family and we're so glad you found us!!! I can't wait to hear more from you guys as you begin this journey and thanks for introducing yourselves!!! You've found a great place - it's the best agency in the world as far as I'm concerned - they are a very special, close-knit group of ladies who give so much of themselves in everything they do! Wishing you guys all the best! Lisa (We attended the August 2002 Orientation and adopted our daughter Kayleigh (who was a BOG (Blessing on the Ground) in December 2002 - we sent our initial inquiry in t
  25. Congratulations Tony, Linda, & Andrew!!! Welcome to the world of parenting - it's an experience of a lifetime!!! Lisa
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