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  1. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!!! We want pictures!!!!! Congratulations you guys! We've all been thinking of you so much these past few days - looking forward to hearing an update when you're ready - can't wait to hear what your little fishie is called What a way to begin 2007! Hooray! Lisa
  2. that is so sad, and so tragic....her life was cut so short what a sweet, positive letter she wrote and how touching for her child's parents to hear those words from her - I just get chills when I read it and know that she had no idea how that one letter would possibly be the last communication her child had from her - but how fortunate to have that. thank you for sharing her legacy with us and what a difficult phone call you guys must have had to make today. so many tragedies this holiday season... keeping the loved ones of all these special Abrazo folks in my thoughts and prayers.
  3. For those of you with an interest in Madonna's adoption of David from Malawi - here is a very interesting article published in Adoptive Families magazine this month, February 2007, it is a condensed reprint version - the original version appearing in The Guardian as referenced by AF. I'm posting a link to both articles (note - the article was originally published 10/20/06 and there has certainly been a lot of water under that bridge since then) - but still, what I found interesting about this article was how it addressed the more human side to this story - the early part of David's life. Any
  4. For those who may be trying to learn more about open adoption and found this thread, check out this thread as well - it has great discussions from both birthparents and adoptive parents who are living breathing members of open adoption triads.... Frank Talk About Open Adoption -Lisa
  5. I agree - every time I see a new post on this thread, I just get all giddy! And nothing against those of you who are so sweet and supportive and are trying to help us with baby chants and baby dust and prayers for babies but it is always sort of anti-climatic when I see no post from Stork Central.... I'd even settle for a subtle little hint of hers at this point - it has been quiet, quiet, quiet on this thread - which would be great if it meant that mothers weren't having to make adoption plans but not so great if it means that these mothers are making their adoption plans elsewhere...becau
  6. Hey Kristin, I have copied yours & Adam's exchange regarding fingerprints here. I'm not sure I'm much help either - I think it is more of an Abrazo question - we live in the state of Texas and had to have the electronic fingerprints done but as we were already "accepted" into Abrazo's program, they were the ones whose number we used to put on our form (I believe that operation number you were talking about - or whatever it was called but we had to have them give that number to us so our electronic results would come back to Abrazo (as well as DFPS) but again, Abrazo sent us all that in
  7. I just LOVE moments like that where you come into contact with such special people and what may seem like such a small little nothing to them just is a mountain of goodness for us. What angels they were indeed - and like you said, on a day when you needed them most! The world is just full of awesome and beautiful people - but also, it's people like YOU Laura who recognize and appreciate that sort of beauty and special-ness - and that makes you one of them, for others may have not stopped long enough to soak in that moment and because you did, you gained from that experience as well, and the
  8. Okay, I feel stupid - what does Shabbot mean??? I know this was a really cute moment (because Gabe is full of those) but I need to understand the reference better Also, just wanted to give a thumbs up to the 2 Hanukah movies I ordered - Kayleigh has watched them pretty much non-stop since they arrived on Friday. The Planet Matzoh Ball one is really funny - probably her favorite - it has these muppet type characters in it and they sing these really catchy tunes ("What do you do with a Menorah? What does a Menorah do?" and "Spinderella, Spinderella")...warning - if you are the type of pers
  9. Guess what, guess what, guess what????? I was just doing the annual calendar I do for Lance's mom on Shutterfly (where you customize it with pics) and I previewed it and it now allows you to add an event on the dates (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, etc) and I added Kayleigh's birthday (which is December 5th) and guess what it says on that day in 2007? Hannukah begins! Coincidence? I think not! It's a sign!!! Your crazy forum friend, Lisa
  10. I'm trying to find that Rugrats special but no luck so far. I'm actually getting pretty frustrated by the lack of children's holiday/Hannukah DVD's available - do Jewish people not let their kids watch TV or something ? This is way harder than I expected! I've been googling but hardly come up with anything. That site that Lauren bought Kayleigh's menorah and other gifts from has a section of DVDs, and they even have a Rugrats Hannukah movie...but only in VHS! There is one called Channukah & Passover at Bubbe's - it sort of looks like Sesame Street characters - I think I'll order tha
  11. Hey Heidi, the packing list was included with the menorah and it is from Judiasm.com and the item number is 89424 I want to look up and see if they carry any children's shows for Hannukah. Kayleigh has a ton of Christmas shows/movies but the only Hannukah show I know of is 8 Crazy Nights (an Adam Sandler movie) and it's not exactly appropriate for children If you know of any you can recommend, (or anyone else can)...please let me know! Thanks, Lisa
  12. Okay, I've posted the pics in our gallery!!! Cornish Photo Gallery
  13. Cool, thanks Lauren!!! I just picked up Kayleigh from preschool and I told her she has a Menorah at home that she gets to paint from our friend Lauren - she was so excited!!! My mom was with us and she wanted to go to Target first and Kayleigh was so bummed, she wanted to go home and get to painting...anyway, while we were at Target, we were looking at Christmas decorations and she wanted to get a star for the top of our tree and I let her pick one out and she said, "We'll have a Hannukah Christmas tree" How funny is that? Well, speaking of Menorahs...if I don't get hers set up to paint,
  14. I just have to brag on my little one So, for those who are reading this and don't know - Kayleigh's maternal birthfamily are Jewish. This year (she turns 4 in about a week), I have been making more of an effort to introduce her to Jewish holidays and their significance (baby steps...mostly because I did not grow up Jewish (so I'm learning as I go), nor have I ever had a friend or acquaintence who was Jewish (that is until little Kayleigh came along and I now have a few Jewish friends although none live nearby but still, I am hoping to change that if I'd ever get around to contacting thi
  15. and, for what it's worth..these are the numbers i was given to contact where i tracked down our resuts (let's just say, it isn't exactly a streamlined process) i first contacted Identix via their 1 888 number, she referred me to DPS at 512-424-5079 and he was able to determine when they/he transmitted the results to DFPS...ideally, you need to give him a TCN# for him to look it up (I have no idea what that is or how you get one, I *think* Identix is supposed to give it to you). Anyway, he was able to locate it w/Lance's name. He then referred me to DFPS 512-99-6478 and I spoke to someone t
  16. Truer words haven't been spoken from my perspective... This was how I felt too when we closed the door on fertility treaments and trying to get pregnant. For me, that entire experience was just rotten, full of no fond memories, just sadness and hopelessness. Anyway, to me, it didn't matter what I had to go through on my adoption journey because I knew that in the end, it paled in comparison to how I felt going through in-vitro and also, I knew what the outcome would be so that made it all so much easier for me. This was definitely true when we adopted Kayleigh - we had such a smooth time
  17. Yay!!! I just found out from Abrazo that my fingerprint/background clearance has come back!! Lance's haven't yet but maybe it will take longer for him since he's a Naturalized Citizen (he wasn't born here) - although, with all the screening he went through to become a US citizen, those FBI folks oughta recognize that name whenever they see it - he's been fingerprinted so many times over the past few years, we've lost count Anyway, at least I know that mine are back and those fingerprints aren't just floating around somewhere! (Thanks EJ for letting me know ) -Lisa
  18. Awwww...thanks for the note Stephanie!!! That's good enough to cheer me up a bit - I'll take that! Thanks again, Lisa
  19. Lauren, I just knew when you and I talked and when you shared with our group your infertility journey that you guys weren't ready to shut that door. I so hoped that you both would realize it and I felt such relief when you shared that you guys had decided not to pursue adoption at this time. I think there is a reason you were called back to the fertility treatments again, and whether or not they result in a child, you need to do this, in order to move forward with your plans to have a family (in my opinion). I am so, so, so happy to have met you on this forum and in our Orientation Group
  20. yay!!!!!!! i'm so excited!!!! i'll be ordering the xxl long sleeve shirt as soon as they're listed on the site, because that's the only thing is w/abrazo...a special delivery could very well beat the post office lisa
  21. i saw these and sooooooooo wanted to order one, but the biggest size they do is a large so i may just have to get my own done...i would love to be sporting one of these next time i'm shopping at Babies R Us lisa
  22. linlacor


    hi there!!! welcome! welcome!! so happy to have you here, on the forum and soon as an official abrazo piw (Parent in waiting) You're among friends here and i can't wait to follow your journey! lisa
  23. You're welcome Jean & Jill....it had been on my mind and I had meant to post sooner but just hadn't found the time to sit down and collect my thoughts (and after re-reading it, I probably could have done a better job but oh well, if I wait to do something until I think it's perfect, I find it never gets done...) Another thing that struck me during the interview was something Jessica said in response to Oprah - I think Oprah asked her what she'd like to say to everyone or something like that, she said several things (which I don't really remember, other than I thought to myself - "Gosh, h
  24. Yes, absolutely Martha...that is definitely a message I was hoping would ring out through my post. Noone is immune to this, this type of act is not reserved for murderers/evil people, i think there is something very different going on here. And I don't know the answer as to how you ensure that line of communication is open, because as i said, my mom and i talked very freely w/one another and i did know my mom loved me more than anything, no matter what, i was fearful of disappointing her and her expectations she had for me and i was fearful of getting in trouble and being lectured to. I kno
  25. I am not sure if anyone watched Oprah last week when she interviewed Jessica Coleman, a girl who is now 21 and serving 6 years in a maximum security prison because at the age of 15, she delivered a baby boy at home, alone in the bathroom after hiding her pregnancy and tragically, this little guy just never had a chance - she hid his body in a duffle bag in her closet until her boyfriend arrived (the next day I believe) and dumped the duffle bag in a local quarry (the bag was found a few months later by divers - however, Jessica lived 6 years with her secret (just she and her then-boyfriend kne
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