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  1. hey mm, i posted a link to the letter in my post...i think it's the same one sue used....
  2. just bumping up ....only 2 votes in this poll....anyone else care to vote (and share, if you're comfortable w/that)
  3. If you're reading this thread, be sure to check out this thread too Waiting on a Future Orientation Weekend -Lisa
  4. Eli Lily is one of the reader-nominated top companies listed on AF's website - woo hoo! Nokia did also pay for some of our unreimbursed infertility expenses (up to $3500) so kudos to them for that too. They aren't listed though in AF's lists - hmmmmm....wonder if they've cut some of those benefits (Lance was laid off from there about 2 years ago so I'm clueless about what they offer these days - where he works now doesn't offer anything like that but it's a Chinese owned company so I guess with their population problems, they don't really see the value in reimbursing people for trying to ge
  5. If you're trying to locate an agency through which to adopt, one thing you want to make sure of is that the agency has a valid/verified child placing license in the state where they're located. Just because they do, doesn't necessarily mean they're a top-notch agency or the right agency for you, but it's a start in the right direction (i.e. if they don't have a license, you don't want to waste your time) Here's a link to the government dept that has a listing for each state (the link I've included is specific to Texas but you can select another state from the drop-down list if you're lookin
  6. Wow! That's great! I know with Nokia's adoption assistance benefit - there really was no catch at all - we just had to provide documentation to them supporting the $3,000 to get the reimbursement (I probably have the paperwork somewhere - I can't remember if we had to wait until finalization - I think we did and I think we could only claim agency fees, which was fine - we had more than $3000 in agency fees). I hope there's no catch for you guys - that's fantastic! I'm always curious too why some companies are so great about their adoption assistance benefits, and others are not? Like, fo
  7. Ever wonder which companies are considered "adoption friendly"? I have! When Lance worked at Nokia, they offered a $3,000 adoption assistance benefit which we were very thankful for and expressed our appreciation with a thank-you to the President (hoping that if ever during "cuts", they wouldn't let that be one of them). Anyone else work for a company that offers a big thumbs up for how they treat adoption? Feel free to plug 'em here so we can support companies who have values that matter to us in the adoption community. Thumbs-downs welcome here too Here's an article on Adoptive Fa
  8. Boy Susan, I sure wish I would have known you/read this before we got the call about Kayleigh - it would have saved Lance and I a few agonizing and scary hours. As I mentioned in another post - when we rec'd the call about Kayleigh, we were informed that it would be a private pay case because her birthmother did not have insurance, nor did she qualify for medicaid. At that time, Kayleigh was to be discharged from the hospital the following day (she was born on a Thursday, we got the call on Friday evening and she was to be discharged on Saturday). Kayleigh was a home birth so even though A
  9. I guess this is all very hypothetical but I'm also wondering if one couldn't then argue about making the coverage retro-active to birth once placement happens...and if placement doesn't happen, then obviously one wouldn't be filing insurance claims for the birth expeneses anyway? Well, anyway - it's definitely worth trying to work it out with one's insurance company because as Elizabeth pointed out to Susan in one of her posts under the 10-4's thread: -Lisa
  10. Wow Susan - thank YOU so much for clarifying the interpretation and doing all that legwork - this was just far too beneficial/valuable to not copy it here so that if someone who is looking into the insurance thing finds this thread, they'll be sure to see your post. Anyway, thanks!! Lisa
  11. Some other useful insurance discussions from the H3's thread... -Lisa Thanks. Logic says that if insurance covers mothers and children (at time of birth) and a child can't be added to a plan until they are born, then there has to be literature stating that the coverage is retroactive to time of birth. So, I just need to check with HR next week and get it. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks - I don't remember why but a week or so ago, I started reading y'alls thread, from the beginning but from my handheld computer which is very, very difficult to post from so I made a mental note when I ran across that great discussion on insurance in your group's thread to be sure to reference it somewhere so it doesn't get buried amongst the posts and not be beneficial to others who are new to the forum and Abrazo (because y'all have like 250+ pages of posts these days - how cool that y'all keep in touch so well with each other!!!) Anyway - I'm guessing all worked out with y'alls insu
  13. Well, I'm not sure about all of 2007, but it seems to me I read on here somewhere there's an Orientation coming up this weekend - am I right? So, the first Orientation of 2007 will be 1/26 - 1/27.....wonder when the others will be? And for those of you hoping to attend an Abrazo Orientation this year (or sometime in the future), be sure you check out this thread on the forum Waiting on a future orientation weekend where you're sure to meet some new friends who are waiting, just like you And....here's the latest I've read on the forum regarding Orientation dates beyond January - just in
  14. Stumbled across some posts in an Orientation Group thread about profiles and thought I'd copy them here - there's a new group coming through Orientation soon so I bet this will be a hot topic on here over the next couple of weeks -Lisa
  15. There was a great dialogue on the 10-4 Good Buddies thread (very early in it) regarding insurance and just thought these posts may be useful for newbies who are just getting into the early stages of all this and getting forms filled out, etc... -Lisa 'mbell' post='20350' date='Sep 22 2005, 07:57 PM' We're thinking of all our good buddies right now and hoping everyone is making progress on the paperwork. it will be interesting to work on the insurance verification - we have state insurance and our isurance company provides our benefits, but our plan is self funded so it is actually adm
  16. Another resource for anyone looking for information on Open Adoption and what it's all about (and you've already exhausted the Abrazo's Forum vast amount of information/personal experiences on the topic), check out this link Adoptive Families Magazine Articles on Open Adoption -Lisa
  17. Of course, Adoptive Families website has a fantastic section on the website dedicated to Transracial Adoption - it lists a multitude of resources on trans-racial adoption, including Adoptive Families magazine articles, book recommendations, website recommendations, kids books, etc... Check it out - it's fantastic! Transracial Adoption (Adoptive Families Website) -Lisa
  18. oh heather....i literally got chills when reading your post!!!!! you are so special!!!!! and sabrina, hoow about putting all those poems of yours in a book and giving us abrazo famiies the opportunity to buy them? along w/your photography....you are so gifted my friend! lisa
  19. Oh Sabrina, I just found this post of yours - I just wanted to hug you for saying/doing that. I am a child who grew up with a single-mom (my parents divorced when I was 9) and my mom dated but did not have that cardinal rule of yours and I think it would have made a big difference on me (and certainly would have saved me from some of the hurt feelings I experienced along the way) had she been more careful about exposing me to her private life. I can remember seeing her get so excited when she would go out on a date and I would feel so jealous and would wonder why she was so happy about leav
  20. linlacor

    Home Study

    Hi Jen! Welcome to the forum and to Abrazo - just wanted to direct you to the homestudy section on the forum - hopefully it will answer your homestudy question - I'll try to find some other posts on here as well from others (more recent posts) regarding their homestudies - a lot will depend on your social worker and how quickly they move along with you. I would allow about 6 weeks from start to finish - give or take. Good for you for getting that going pronto - that's a big step and definitely not one that you want holding you up from meeting your precious little one! Welcome again -
  21. And...borrowing some of the posts from the thread "Picking & Choosing - How do you determine what you want"....here are some other attempts at trying to get this dialogue rolling....it wouldn't let me quote so many different posts so I've removed the quotes and hopefully, you'll still be able to follow along.... -Lisa 'Great social worker' date='May 2 2001, 05:04 PM' I often times have couples new to adoption calling me with various questions regarding birth parent factors. How have you "veterans" determined case factors that you were open to? Ethnic background? Previous drug use?
  22. Hoping to help along the dialogue that has come up, once again today concerning the need for parents to open their minds and hearts to adopting bi-racial and African American infants/children. This is a topic that comes up, occasionally but just never quite gains the necessary momentum to keep it going....understandably because racism and prejudice is a very sensitive topic for all, regardless of where you fall on the spectrum. Knowledge is power - let's hope that through some honest and sensitive discussions, people on here will connect and learn and grow and if this helps one child find t
  23. I'm sure there have been posts on here before, but I would really, really love to hear from others on the forum who have adopted a bi-racial (i.e. AA/Anglo or Hispanic/AA) or AA child and you did so knowing that your immediate family members (i.e. parents, siblings, people you see on a regular basis - people who spend a significant amount of time with your family and your children) would not be supportive of the adoption of a child of AA descent??? And how did you handle it and how have things worked out? Have they changed their opinion/feelings since this child joined your life? Racism is
  24. This is what it's all about! What a tribute to open adoption and the people who believe in it and live it (both birthfamilies and adoptive families) Thanks for sharing Elizabeth - what a heartwarmer!!! Lisa
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