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  1. Ernie and Gina - congratulations on your bundle of blue!!!! What a touching story!!! So glad you guys have been blessed in this way!!! -Lisa
  3. Hey Marcy! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods :) Take care! Lisa

  4. How exciting Karen! I can just imagine how much you guys were beaming, seeing your baby girl up there! Congratulations Cassie! What a fantastic experience and accomplishment! (Theater/Drama is very near and dear to my heart - I was very involved in theater in high school and had a part in The Music Man my freshman year and had a part in Oklahoma! my sophmore year then did some Shakespeare stuff my Junior year - so.....I'm SUPER proud of Cassie too! Way to go!!!) -Lisa
  5. And the feeling is SOOO mutual! I love you back - you have been an amazing source of support for me - I can't imagine anyone else I would have gone through this with - thank you for attending Orientation with us!

  6. Yay Meg!!! You found your way to the forum - so glad you did!!! You're among friends here :) and LOVE the photo - woo hoo!

  7. Very interesting.....I hadn't really ever thought of this - there has never seemed to be any sort of bonding issue or any difference between my mom and Kayleigh (Lance's mom is just so far away, in England, it's really hard to know how things really are with her - but at least she seems as though she totally accepts Kayleigh - of course, Kayleigh is her only grand-child also). I hate to speak for my mom but I guess I will - I'll have to get her to read this sometime though when she's at my house and get her to express her own thoughts as well. My mom did not really support our infertility t
  8. Thank you...when I re-read my post, I hope it comes across as I meant it - I guess one of the biggest things I looked for, when we first rec'd my sister's diagnosis was survivor stories - I wanted to read about those who had "beaten the odds" and I took so much comfort in reading about those who had come through their cancer battle and were counting down the years they were a survivor. So, hopefully - my sister's story will also offer hope and comfort to anyone else who may need it. We have learned to make every effort to not take a day for granted..... Lisa
  9. In light of Elizabeth Edwards' announcement that her breast cancer has metastisized (spelling?), I wanted to share some positive news about a breast cancer survivor who is near and dear to my heart...my oldest sister was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) in August 2004. She just had her regular follow-up appointment (they have been every 4 months since treatment) last week and got another excellent report. She is almost at the 3 year mark which is HUGE for IBC survivors (their 3 year suvivor milestone is like other breast cancer 5 year survivor milestones).
  10. that picture gives me chills!!!!!!!!! i am soooooo happy for all in the photo....for the birthfamily because what anawesome, loving family they've just become a part of and for laura and eric because their hearts and lives will never be te same again now that they know jack!!! cngrats!! lisa
  11. Jenny, thanks for sharing and by the way...you're totally in the right place - and your post was awesome. I feel touched that you shared with us...thank you. Lisa
  12. Just to re-iterate what Garden of Hope is saying, I'm copying a post that Elizabeth did not long ago under the thread "Waiting for a future Orientation". She explains very well (in my opinion) in that post all the factors that go into deciding who gets an invitation to which Orientation. One thing I can definitely attest to, the least restrictive you are, the more available you allow yourself to be to birthparents contacting Abrazo.
  13. Hi, With our first Orientation (we were childless at the time), we sent our application in sometime in July 2002 and were confirmed for the August Orientation (so, a little less than a month) (funny sidenote - there was a December Orientation scheduled in 2002 and we figured we'd get confirmed for that one, not the one in August....as it turned out - we were called and asked if we could make it to the August Orientation - we went and the weekend of the December Orientation was the weekend we received the call about our daughter......talk about divine intervention and timing! Whew!) With o
  14. You and me both Tina...you and me both..... Especially on that magic ball thing....
  15. I always think of my sister when one talks about not knowing what's in your case - she and her husband birthed 2 beautiful, healthy children (planned births) and learned, quite by surprise that they were expecting a 3rd child when their youngest (my niece) was 4 years old. Of course, it didn't take them long to embrace the pregnancy, after getting over the initial shock of how their lives were going to change (they had settled into their family of 4 routine quite well) when this baby arrived. This was nearly 22 years ago. They gave birth to another beautiful healthy baby boy (their oldest,
  16. Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us. -Voltaire
  17. I LOVE you!!! Hurry up and post those final 20 something posts where you can join the Inner Sanctum!


  18. I wonder if a good place to start this discussion would be to look at the Tables of Pros & Cons provided in the Fact Sheet I referenced above? I think many of the fears/questions from those who are new to open adoption or who are still exploring adoption are covered under the "Cons" Table for Open Adoption. Abrazo & those reading this - would you agree? I'm sure Abrazo gets lots of calls/inquiries from people who have concerns about open adoption. I wonder, based on all the calls Abrazo has had over the years, what would be the "Top 3 List" of questions/concerns/apprehensions a
  19. You are the BEST!!! What would I do without this forum? I can't possibly ever describe what an integral part of my life it is - because of this forum (and you making it available and maintained and the hours and hours of work you've put into it), I will be a better mother to my daughter - thank you!!!

  20. To begin with, I think an introduction to what Open Adoption is, what it means is pretty important. I think this definition/point of view of Open Adoption is really, really good. This article is an excerpt from Brenda Romanchik's book "What is Open Adoption" I think everyone can benefit from reading this excerpt (it isn't long, approximately 10 very short paragraphs). What Is Open Adoption? (By Brenda Romanchik) Another really informative bit of information on open adoption can be found by clicking the following link Openness In Adoption - A Fact Sheet For Families which was publi
  21. If there's one thing we (on the forum and Abrazo parents) agree on it's the belief in open adoption. We all probably still have our varying levels of comfort and experience with open adoption but I think we can all say that we are on board with open adoption and the benefits of open adoption. I don't think though that we all started out that way when we found Abrazo or when we began our quest to learn about adoption (although I have read some who did believe in open adoption from the very beginning (although they may not have even known at that time that what they felt was important was bas
  22. Just in case anyone missed this in its original spot (under "About the Forum"), thought I'd copy here it too Thanks to everyone for helping out with the effort to welcome our new members Lisa
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