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Status Updates posted by linlacor

  1. You are SUCH a cutie Lindsay!!! I love your new profile pics you put here :-D

  2. Oh beautiful Joanna, here you are!!! Much love and welcome to my little safe cyber place :)

  3. Hi there Lindsay! Welcome to the forum - I'm Lisa, a birthparent who recently found my daughter who I placed in a closed adoption 20 yrs ago - her name is Joanna and I hope she'll join the forum soon too - soooo glad you're here...

  4. Amy, thank you sooo much for finding us on the forum and for sharing yourself with us all. You really are an angel to me, in the most profound way - I will never forget you!!!

  5. Happy Mother's Day Meg!!! To a very special mother who sure has touched my life in a way I never could have expected :)

  6. Just wanted to leave you some love my dear friend - thank you a million times over for everything you've done for us/me :)

  7. Hey Marcy! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods :) Take care! Lisa

  8. And the feeling is SOOO mutual! I love you back - you have been an amazing source of support for me - I can't imagine anyone else I would have gone through this with - thank you for attending Orientation with us!

  9. Yay Meg!!! You found your way to the forum - so glad you did!!! You're among friends here :) and LOVE the photo - woo hoo!

  10. I LOVE you!!! Hurry up and post those final 20 something posts where you can join the Inner Sanctum!


  11. You are the BEST!!! What would I do without this forum? I can't possibly ever describe what an integral part of my life it is - because of this forum (and you making it available and maintained and the hours and hours of work you've put into it), I will be a better mother to my daughter - thank you!!!

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