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  1. Glad to say it is Jeff & Amy, Spoke with them briefly and will try to see them and their bundle tomorrow. They are on Cloud Nine with a wonderful BP and experience. They truly did wait for the "right" one. Laura
  2. Congrats Chad & Shannon, Life will be so much fuller and richer than ever imagined...God Bless you three on your new journey. Laura, Steve, Rian & Alex
  3. Yea to all the new parents out there!!! I can only imagine that it might be...let me see, Adina and Ben??? Is it you guys???? Congrats to the Cloud Niner couple. Just be sure to have plenty of diapers and onesies...little boys tend to leak everywhere (they just point and shoot ). Best to all the new parentss. Laura, Steve, Rian & Alex
  4. Mary and Leonard Check your email. Laura
  5. Congrats Cloud Niners, I know who it is and they must be thrilled beyond "pink"...all those prayers sure paid off. God Bless you and your new arrival - she will change your world in ways you only dreamed of...safe journey home (call us if you need anything.) Laura, Rian & Steve
  6. Hi Albert, Abrazo just requires some documentation from your physician in regards to infertility. Ours was considered "nonspecific infertility" meaning no real reason why, just couldn't happen. Talk to Abrazo and your doctor. Laura
  7. Dr Mom Gosh, your words ring the truth - thank you for your inspiring story and information. Laura
  8. Welcome fellow military Michelle&Mike, We too are military (go big blue). My husband is AD and I USAFR and Abrazo had no problem with our status. Our daughter's BP thought it was great too. The agency actually had a couple that matched ASAP after orientation since the husband was going to Iraq. I think they either placed right before he left or he had to come back for the birth...so, it doesn't seem to be an issue for Abrazo. They are in military town USA and very supportive of the uniform. Come on down to the south for a looksie...best of luck. Laura
  9. Hi Windycity and Melissa Merritt, We just went to orientation and are in the process for number two. We sort of addressed this issue during previous conversations with our BP by saying stuff like "what would you think if Rian had a sister/brother..." She actually asked us once if we were going to adopt a second child (after finalization). We told her honestly that we would love another child/sibling and she seemed okay with the idea. She was willing to write a letter for our profile but time sort of ran out. I think she was okay until I told her we talked with a BP on the phone...she s
  10. S&L

    Dr. Phil

    Interesting, our BP called me to ask if I was watching the recent show on Dr Phil (I was at the store) and reminded me that she would never be "the stalker." We have a very open relationship and she and I can't imagine life any other way. She was disgusted at the show and the lack of discussion, positive influence and feelings with an open adoption. I realize that in the future we may face some adversities, questions, etc, but we have our eyes open and won't hesitate to seek help, counseling, etc. We realize that open adoption is not for everyone...but to not discuss the BPs or the posi
  11. Melissa, There are several comments regarding this topic under "parents in waiting". The last post being CGRACE from my orientation group. We also have decided to go the "againer" route and am filling out paperwork this week. Abrazo would have loved us to do it in August but we felt it a tad too soon. Our daughter will be a year old in Jan and it seems appropriate now. The worries are real and scary. We too have a great relationship with our BP and we talk like friends, etc. She lives in the same city so we see one another each month. We'd like to have a similar situation, but rea
  12. S&L

    Working Moms

    I think you need to be honest with your supervisor/employer, but ask for confidentiality. I told my supervisor and requested that it be only discussed on an as needed basis. My wishes were respected. We were lucky as we matched with our BP in her 6th month so we had time to prepare our respective work environments. Surprisingly all were very supportive. As for the working AP vs stay-at-home; I don't really think it matters. I do think BPs want to know that the child is cared for in the best possible way and they themselves probably work, go to school, or are stay at home mom's. I work p
  13. Forgot to say hi tp The Fab nine - we met at orientation. Good luck to you all. Laura & Steve
  14. Hello and congratulations to everyone. It has been a while since we posted - our beautiful bundle taking most of our time but we enjoy EVERY minute. Rian is doing so well. She is a great baby and already gained a pound at her 2 week well baby checkup (she loves her formula)! I was fortunate that a friend of mine from years ago is now a pediatric resident and was delighted we asked him to see her. She didn't even cry when it came to the PKU test - just mellow in yellow. We are adjusting well. My years working in OB and newborn nursery helped with essential things like feeding/diapering
  15. Hello all, We are the last of the Abrazados to come home with our beautiful baby girl - Rian Giana. She was 7 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long. Our BP was fantastic and after 8 hours of labor let us in the OR (after finding out she had to have a c/section) for the joyous journey to parenthood. What an emotional and physical journey for us all. After the birth I went into my "nurse" mode and took care of our BP and the baby while my husband slept (as much as he could on those pull out beds). It was a sleepless night for me but a great beginning. Rian is fantastic - sleeps 3-4 hours betw
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