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  1. Elizabeth, I am so sorry for your loss. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. The Clarke's Jeannie, Eric, Michael, and Andrew
  2. I have 2 boys also, they are 10 and 6. About 3 years ago, we put them in the same room. The reason was. when we moved our youngest out of the crib, he would go and crawl into his brother's bed during the night. I would find them in one or the others bed most every morning. I finally got smart and asked them if they wanted to share a room and got a resounding YES. When my older son turned 10, I asked them again if they wanted separate rooms... it was met with a big loud NO! They like each others company and to this point don't invade each others space. They each have their own bed and fo
  3. I would be concerned about a celebrity couple (married or unmarried) that has 4 children under the age of 6, as the Jolie-Pitt's do. That is a lot of young kiddos that need lots of attention. How can two movie actors that film on location for extended periods of time have the time to devote to all those kids????
  4. We are just shy of 1 million for both of ours (together). I think I better sign up for more shifts at the hospital Jeannie
  5. Welcome Amanda! Sounds like baby Cliff has an awesome b-mom! Jeannie
  6. I remember being an emotional wreck at orientation... It was cool and made me want to adopt even more, but I remember sitting on the toilet at one of the breaks just sobbing. As for sleep, that is all I wanted to do.... I was worn out! I guess I am a wimp.... On Sat. night I was sooooo ready for those Margaritas! I hope that the new orientees are having a good time and don't spend too much time hiding in the bathroom like I did! Jeannie
  7. Hi Noah, My name is Andrew. I am 7 years old too. I am a big brother like you are going to be. I like being a big brother. My little brother's name is Michael. We play together every day. Sometimes, he is a little annoying, but most of the time he is fun to play with. Your new friend, Andrew Clarke PS. Here is picture of my brother michael.
  8. the social worker that prepared our homestudy suggested that we give our older child at least 20 minutes of alone time with us each day... we of course could not do it together, as someone had to tend to michael... but we found a way that he (andrew) had 20 minutes of mommy time and 20 minutes of daddy time each day. It made the adjustment to michael a little easier. Now... nearly 4 years later each of our boys gets some alone time with us each day. There are some days that I am SURE that there are not enough hours in the day to do all this, but it seems to work out. Now... for those o
  9. Lisa, my husband is not too fond of change either. That was his biggest fear of adopting a second child... it would change things. It did change things, but the changes have been good. There are times that having 2 little ones is a challenge, but for the most part it is great.... We found that after the second one was born we became more "organized" and structured... which benefitted us all. Jeannie
  10. We were one of those couples that toggled back and forth between wanting to expand our family or leaving well enough alone with one child. I really wanted a second child and my husband was not wanting to upset the apple cart with regards to our relationship with our older son. I will say that having a second child did change the dynamics of the family for the positive. If you question whether you can love a second as much as the first. The answer is yes, but your relationships will be different as each child has thier individual personalities. For us, it was a good decision. Our sons are
  11. Congratulations Tennisons!!!! Jeannie
  12. Like Cath, I am a nurse and had worked with a group of RE's. It was in the late 80's when I did this, and IVF was fairly new and the success rate was not very good. Donor egg in-vitro was not even being done at that time. Fast forward to the late 90's when I was itching to have a child... my doctor educated me on donor egg IVF and showed me mountains of statistical information supporting the procedure. We elected to try it... we were pretty lucky because I got pregnant with the first complete cycle. It resulted in a beautifully healthy, term baby boy. A few years later when we decided tha
  13. "We have heard many times that our children are not real family so Doug's sister's children will get everything worthh family value" OUCH that one has to hurt! My mother in law was a little weird about us adopting a child of a different race. I am a straight to the point kind of gal, and my response to her concerns were probably a little too curt..... I told her "tough, deal with it" She really has risen to the occasion and she is very good to both our children and I think she has made it past the race issue. Jeannie
  14. Dr Phil had a show on yesterday (Jan 29) of adoption failures. It had 2 couples that were having to return their adopted children because of failure of the lawyers to dot their I's and cross their T's. One child the paper work was completed, but NOT In front of a judge, so the adoption was overturned (it also involved the Native American Adoption laws). The fight has gone on for 3 years. The child is 4 years old and will have to be returned within the next 30 days. The second case was a case where there was failure to obtain consent from the birthfather, and he (along with the birthmom) ar
  15. My sister has 3 grown children and at the age of 45 found herself pregnant again. She has said from the time that little girl entered this world that she feels like she is a much better mother now at her age, and enjoys motherhood much more now than she did when she was in her 20's. In this day and age when most of us are living to well into our 80's I think that the 50 something year old mom will be blessed with many many years with her children, and perhaps her age will benefit her as was in my sister's case. Jeannie
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