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  1. SamanthaK

    Baby Announcements 2019

    What a wonderful blessing this little girl is to all her parents and those who love her. Welcome to the world Reyna ! Beautiful name !
  2. SamanthaK

    In Memoriam

    Praying for his family
  3. SamanthaK

    Baby Announcements 2019

    Welcome Asher !! May God bless you and all the family who loves you ! I love their testimony of how this happened for them.
  4. SamanthaK

    Baby Announcements 2019

    Congrats !!! So happy for them. Praying for everyone. True testament to its not if but when ! And yay the girl streak continues ! ❤️❤️
  5. SamanthaK

    Baby Announcements 2019

    So excited for my friends to become parents. Praying for birthmama during this time. Welcome to the world baby girl !
  6. SamanthaK

    Baby Announcements 2019

    Congrats !! Praying that baby boy grows stronger every day !
  7. SamanthaK

    Baby Announcements 2019

    Congrats to My fellow sausage smugglers! You are going to be wonderful parents to baby boy ! So excited for all of them to be forever family !
  8. SamanthaK

    Baby Announcements 2019

    Wishing love to everyone. I know that had to have been a difficult decision and I pray for everyone during this transition into a new joined family.
  9. SamanthaK

    Baby Announcements 2018

    Congrats !!