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  1. Congrats ! And of course I’m partial to the baby girls name. Blessings to all !
  2. So happy for all three families. May they all have the merriest Christmas ever. What an amazing year for the Abrazo family. We celebrate with all of you !
  3. Welcome to the world little ones. so cool to see the wave of girl births and now there’s been a wave of boy births! ? seems like Abrazo is ending the year with a bang ! ❤️
  4. What a wonderful blessing this little girl is to all her parents and those who love her. Welcome to the world Reyna ! Beautiful name !
  5. Welcome Asher !! May God bless you and all the family who loves you ! I love their testimony of how this happened for them.
  6. Congrats !!! So happy for them. Praying for everyone. True testament to its not if but when ! And yay the girl streak continues ! ❤️❤️
  7. So excited for my friends to become parents. Praying for birthmama during this time. Welcome to the world baby girl !
  8. Congrats !! Praying that baby boy grows stronger every day !
  9. Congrats to My fellow sausage smugglers! You are going to be wonderful parents to baby boy ! So excited for all of them to be forever family !
  10. Wishing love to everyone. I know that had to have been a difficult decision and I pray for everyone during this transition into a new joined family.
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