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  1. We stayed at The Hyatt place ? But I'd check with the abrazo ladies on where is best.
  2. Lots of great guidance here! My husband and I attended the February 2016 orientation weekend. There was a recommended hotel that was very nice that offered a discounted rate. It was nice that we where all staying in the same place; quick and easy plus it gave us more time to bond with our group. It was a wonderful weekend full of amazing memories and the start of life long friendships. Your group along with other abrazo alumni will quickly become your go to for questions and support. Abrazo has a great program and offers lots of support and guidance. Fear not my friend you are in good hands. W
  3. Thank you yes that dose help. I have been very open about our plans and I have tried my best to make back up plans to help offset my time away. I'm trying to decide what to do in the days after we are able to come home. I feel like I should close for at least a few days. I think we need the quality bonding time and to find our new normal. Did you take some time off after you first came home?
  4. I have a small in home daycare. I was wondering if anyone else has a in home daycare or other home based business? If so how did you navigate and operate during your adoption process especially during the time of your child's birth and the initial time after you brought him or her home? Any advice or suggestions?
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