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  1. Congratulations! I know you guys are so excited!
  2. This may sound weird, but since we've been matched I find myself wanting to strike up conversations with pregnant women to compare their due dated are and how prepared with my level of preparedness. A close friend that recently had a baby is coming over this weekend to check out the nursery and ensure that I have enough inventory. I laughed at her when she felt that she wasn't prepared for her third child. Now I guess it's time for payback.
  3. We don't foresee any family opposition to us adopting, especially since there are adopted members in our family. Close family and friends are incredibly supportive.
  4. Our understanding and experience with open adoption so far has grown tremendously. We feel so bad for birth parents and adoptive parents that don't receive the education and support to make relationships work. We appreciate everything that Abarzo has done.
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