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  1. Welcome to the world baby Amelia, you are truly loved by so many!
  2. Yes, please feel free to share with them our next orientation date! It will be taking place on December 6th and 7th
  3. Tim, This is wonderful that you will be sharing your story. I believe at events like these it is always important for someone who truly knows the importance of open adoption to speak. I hope it goes well, and that you can help at least one family understand the importance of what we do at Abrazo.
  4. Thinking about you this morning, and hoping the semi took a detour!
  5. I hope that you feel 100% better after your first injection! I love that you are not "old enough" to be a grandma, lol. That is really cute that she said that!
  6. I understand your frustration, I am having trouble with my account as well....we (Abrazo) are working diligently to get the forum updated/fixed and also our website updated as well. Pretty soon all of these troubles will be distant memories
  7. It most definitely brings hope and opens up the endless possibilities! I shared a part of this very story with a birthmom I had the pleasure of meeting this weekend! Thank you Mari & Lauranda!
  8. It is just such a wonderful photo, and y'all's relationship is such an inspiration for other adoptive and birthfamilies!!
  9. I think I almost have this new mom thing down! Now if I can just keep Kenzie out of the pediatrician's office I will be one happy momma!

  10. Congratulations! You have one sweet beautiful baby boy, and it was a delight to see you all yesterday!
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