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  1. Sweet sweet love and peace and hope to the family. Love to all involved.
  2. Congratulations to all the new families!!
  3. Yay!! Congratulations to you guys!!
  4. Congratulations to all these expanding families!!☺️☺️☺️
  5. What a great time... Congrats to both new and expanded families!!!
  6. Such amazing news!! Congratulations!!!
  7. Congratulations! Enjoy your family of four plus... Lots of work but well worth it!!
  8. Yay! Congratulations to the new family!!
  9. Congratulations!!! So excited for you guys!
  10. Wow! Congrats! Love to you all!
  11. Congratulations! Two at once…such a blessing! Enjoy this time!
  12. Love that you saw your sweet granddaughter. Many hugs to you and the whole family:)
  13. Theo got out of hospital Sunday and all signs point to a happy and healthy baby boy! We are excited and are keeping Trane busy with rides and fun on Kemah Boardwalk.
  14. We are beyond joy today:) now if we can get our sweet baby out of Nicu and into our arms all will be well. He just has to beat jaundice and hopefully out tomorrow! Thanks for all the kind words and wishes...Trane is excited to meet his new brother!
  15. Yay congratulations! Soak it up!
  16. Wishing you a loving and bonding time for the newest family. Prayers to you all!
  17. What an amazing story! Congrats to all! And happy all have many Thanks to go round.
  18. Thanks Mari, You have been such a big support through all this! Again thank you. Tamara
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