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  1. So exciting and very happy for you guys!!!!
  2. Scott- Great point and I am glad you mentioned it as I have been meaning to but forgot. Totally ridiculous right!!! I just learned this a few weeks ago and found it to be so annoying and extremely discriminatory. I do see the medical sides view point as short term disability (which is where the maternity pay would come from if I gave birth myself) only kicks in if its a medical necessity, but seems like there should be a clause or somewhere. I work in healthcare and my company is owned by Aetna Insurance which really burned me up to learn about this. I am lucky as my liberal HR ladies think
  3. Preach on Ellen! Thanks for your input, I couldn't agree more. B&T
  4. Thank you! We really hope to hear something soon. It feels great to be moving forward. Yes, this is our first time adopting and we are so excited!!! I look at the forum a lot. Once I figured out how to navigate through it, it's a piece of cake with a ton of info. Hopefully we will hear something soon and can start making plans...we will be coming from Denver.
  5. Hi! We sent our application in and would love to get invited to the Orientation! Can't wait to hear the news soon so we can get out plane tickets. Looking forward to getting started!
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