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  1. Thanks for sharing Mari! It is so great to hear your perspective. I know that G leans on her mom a lot for advice and strength and we have a deep respect for the support she is giving G. We hope we get to meet her when we visit again. Grandmothers play such an important role in this journey and it is heart warming to read about your experience, and heart breaking to think about your struggles as well. Thank you for how you support everyone on the forum and we'll be thinking of you in the days ahead.

  2. Chrissy,

    Welcome and I am glad you found the thread helpful! It was definitely great for us to read it as we were making our decision about where to go next in our adoption journey. I am glad it led us here, and I am so thankful for the Abrazo ladies and especially the community here. I hope you enjoy your orientation in October!

  3. Thanks everyone for the support. We are getting ourselves back together as time goes on, though I miss her terribly. We are also planning on being back in TX for the July orientation, so that is exciting. We added a few days on to the trip to spend time with Grandpa and family there. It should be really nice. Also taking a mandatory summer trip to Schlitterbahn! One of my favorite places in TX since I was little. So excited.


  4. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. It is really helpful to hear about your experiences, and nice to see that most are very positive. I can see that the sense of community built here is really valuable and that you all seem to really trust the agency staff. That they emphasize open adoptions is also really great. I have thought of a few other questions...

    How far along is the expectant mom when you are "matched"? We get nervous about long matches, so it would be nice to see what the average is with Abrazo.

    Quite a few of you have had failed matches... is that fairly common? I know it can't really be predicted, but that is a rough thing to go through, especially multiple times.

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