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  1. Thanks everyone for the congratulations! So who noticed Ms Misty having to stand on the couch for our group picture?
  2. Merae, as a fellow exercise enthusiast I understand your frustration, and have been there before! You feel bad so you don't exercise, which leads to feeling worse I know when we were matched and waiting the first time around, toward the end I went back to the counselor who specializes in infertility to talk it out. That helped, and she suggested to start some sort of exercise goal to help keep me occupied while we were waiting. The yoga studio I go to has a challenge where you go everyday for a certain time period and at the end you get a tshirt and can sign their wall. Both of those really
  3. When I graduated from college an aunt have me the Dr Suess book "Oh the Places You'll Go". Loved it!
  4. Awesome advice and I totally posted a link to this in the 2MD thread
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