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  1. Hello there ole friends....thot I'd take a look at Abrazo for the first time in many years?? anyone out there who remembers us??


  2. Melissa, I too had that experience. As a matter of fact, I was given a book written on that exact topic which stated that the reason we were not blessed with children was because we had unforgiven sexual sins in our past and God was punishing us. My other all time favorite was the elderly woman at church who brought a magazine article to us to encourage my husband to eat more peas!! pkk
  3. Sabrina, your new picture is absolutely adorable!!!! Nice job. I liked the articles you posted. Tom and I are a great "tag team" with our children and I have often marveled at the challenge faced by single parents, namely moms. I really liked what Carrie wrote. It makes me feel like Martha, Karen, and Jean.....we not bad just busy. I am actually contemplating hiring a high school student as a "personal assistant" to do some of the things on my "forever-too-long" to do list so I have more time with the children and maybe a little time for me too. pkk
  4. Martha, We believe very strongly in early childhood education. Nathan has been attending "cradle roll" class weekly since he was 5 months old. Mary Alice has attended pretty much since placement. It does not amaze me that they are listening and learning. Their hearts are open and their spirits are unencumbered with the toil of daily living that adults have to deal with. I am so happy that my son is learning to know and love Jesus Christ. He prays, recites Bible verses, and sings songs. We talk. Mary Alice is exposed to the same as Nathan and she is watching and listening. Many
  5. The grilled cheese option is popular in our house. We have this great electrical kitchen gaget for grilling sandwiches...does both sides at the same time. We generally use cheddar cheese but like the jack, colby, or mozarella options or combinations also. Adding anything else sometimes raises the suspicions of our toddler though. Here's another quick idea. cook up some potatoes in the microwave. Steam up some veges in the microwave. Then create a sourcream/butter mixture with chopped-up veges and mix it into the baked potatoe for a semi-baked-semi mashed potatoe dish. Instead of sour
  6. On the simple meal thread, it is so great that infants and toddlers like simple foods. In our "DINK" days, Tom and I were great gourmet chefs and we cooked a multi-cultural food fare that would make Julia hungry and even Emeril want to stop by for dinner. We are so over that right now and so greatful for their simple palates. So I thought I'd share a couple of easy options. 1. cottage cheese - Nathan and Mary Alice both love it and eat it up. Combined with some fruit and whole wheat toast works great. 2. peanut butter - wholesome protein and multiple ways to offer it 3. vege
  7. I am in total agreement with the dinner time philosophy. We always have dinner together as a family unless mummy and daddy have a date night, or on the rare occasion one of us has late night work commitments. We love dinner together. Nathan loves to say grace. We talk and laugh. Mary Alice is learning how to feed herself. We are teaching her sign language at the table. Nathan is learning how not to interrupt when someone else is talking. We share our day's experiences, sucesses, and regrets. And, we don't always have a "home made, cooked from scratch, slaved in the kitchen all da
  8. Sabrina, I echo what Sherri is saying. I find parenting all consuming, and I have a very supportive and helpful husband. As a matter of fact, I was in Nashville for three days last week and Tom did wonderfully all by himself with the children. It takes both of us, all our time, all our energy. I feel overwhelmed and harried many days and I have a live-in support system!!! I admire your commitment to parenting as a single parent. I have no idea how hard it must be for you. I see single parents all the time and I am amazed at how they are able to manage alone. I wonder if your ne
  9. Teresa, that was a wonderful testimony of love, faith, and trust. We are so happy that you found each other. God bless you, your children, and your extended family. pkk
  10. Mandj, don't feel like a dork!! we didn't do anything until after our orientation weekend and it worked out wonderfully for us. As a result of attending orientation and waiting to start all the processes, we were able to start with knowledge under our belts and a positive and hopeful attitude instead of a harried-worried-uncertainity. We knew what we were suppose to do and exactly how to proceed (of course, you can always call the gals at Abrazo for those moments when you have a little brain fart!!) As a result: We attended August 2002 orientation - Los Neuvos Abrazos- and took our d
  11. Like my 2 and 1/2 year old says....."mummy, is it someday yet" pkk
  12. Elizabeth and the rest of the Forum Family, I want to let you know just how happy and blessed we are to have open relationships with both our birthfamilies and how I now envision (thanx to Mary's talk at camp) just how important and precious are those sibling relationships. We have had the pleasure of seeing Nathan's birthfamily on a regular basis, sometimes as many as three times a year. Nathan and his birthsibling Leila have always just sort of "eyed" each other, as is typical of infants and young toddlers. I can not tell you how much fun it was to watch these two at Camp Abrazo last
  13. The good ole' yellow pages lead us to Abrazo! pkk
  14. Congrats WindyCity, Wow 15 months apart.....ours are 21 1/2 months apart and that was a challenge. When big brother figures out she is staying....watch out.....life will get very interesting!!! Mary Alice is just about 10 months old and Nathan (2 1/2 years old) is finally learning how to play "gentle" with her. let us know how it goes enjoy yourselves pkk
  15. Dear Forumites, I need your prayers for personal guidance and for the ability to discern the Lord's will in my life as I contemplate a much needed career move and a lifestyle management change. I need courage and faith as I move forward. I appreciate your spiritual support. thanx pkk
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