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  1. good for you for writing this letter... and definitely talk to your employer. i was very vocal about expressing my displeasure at the lack of paid family leave for ALL parents right before the birth of our second (jayden). we previously had a system whereby all employees were entitled to fmla (sixteen weeks of leave guaranteed, though it would be unpaid if the employee didn't have vacation time). mothers who had given birth were entitled to use some sick and disability leave, which wasn't an option for me (or for any father). personally, i think this is perfectly reasonable -- i didn't, afte
  2. Welcome baby Kayla... and congratulations to all who love this sweet baby girl!
  3. Welcome to the world, Eniah Jane! What a beautiful family photo in the gallery -- congratulations to all who love you!
  4. Welcome to the world, Baby Hudson! Congratulations to all!
  5. Welcome little one! And congratulations to all!
  6. Congratulations to the newest family... welcome Neveah!
  7. Welcome to the world Julian and Jeweleah! Congratulations to all who love you!
  8. Couldn't agree more. I don't actually believe that employers should provide separate adoption leave, BUT I do believe that they should offer comprehensive family leave programs so that people don't need to choose between their new babies, sick family members, elderly parents and their jobs / mortgages / financial stability. And family leave should be made available (and used by) women AND men: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/01/the-daddy-track/355746/
  9. I work for a small institution affiliated with a large university -- When we took placement of Gavin, they offered no family leave... only unpaid leave through FMLA. Women who give birth are entitled to use a few weeks of sick leave / short-term disability during their maternity leave, but otherwise all leave was either unpaid or vacation time. While I was on leave with Gavin (I took sixteen weeks -- most was paid, because I saved my vacation time), the institution created a family leave policy. I believe everyone now receives one week at full pay, then up to four weeks of additional time (a
  10. congratulations, and welcome to the world abby!
  11. best wishes to *both* families as they make decisions and preparations!
  12. did i detect a hint in another thread? (if so, nicely done!)
  13. how exciting... we are thinking of this very special family!
  14. Welcome Avery! Congratulations to the new family!
  15. Welcome Amelia! Congratulations to all who love this beautiful baby girl!
  16. welcome to the world, baby nehemiah! congratulations and best wishes to all of your proud and loving parents!
  17. Welcome to the world, Baby Grant!
  18. hi katie and matt! welcome to the abrazo community! i was struck by your original post, as andrew and i were in a very similar situation two years ago. we completed a homestudy and began working with a local agency (in the washington, d.c., area) in october 2009... we ended up matching with an expectant couple in december 2010 (which was, believe it or not, a short wait for this particular agency), then took placement of their daughter in february 2011. unfortunately, that particular placement wasn't destined to end in a successful adoption, as the parents revoked their consent for adoptio
  19. Welcome Charlotte... what a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl!
  20. Welcome to the world Baby Alex!
  21. I wa so thrilled to read the latest birth announcement over the weekend... best wishes for the newest family! Welcome to the world, little one!
  22. I wa so thrilled to read the latest birth announcement over the weekend... best wishes for the newest family! Welcome to the world, little one!
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