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  1. I have been e-mailing them all day and they are BEYOND excited! And I am so excited for them. I have goosebumps! Their application is in the mail!!
  2. Hey Abrazo friends! Elizabeth, some of my very oldest and dearest friends are sending in their application in the next couple of days. They don't live in Texas (they are in New Orleans), but they are wonderful and very committed to an open adoption. Keep an eye out!! I'm so excited for them to start this journey with Abrazo!
  3. It's interesting because while our families were totally on board with our adoption plans, they were hesitant about an open adoption. Now that we have Jack in our lives and we have told them about Mama A, they have made a total 180! They get as excited as we do when we hear from Mama A and ask a ton of questions about her. It really is a beautiful thing.
  4. Ahhh! I have chills all over. So happy to hear this news! And thinking of the little one's birth mom and sending lots of prayers her way.
  5. Melissa, I also find that people are skeptical about an open adoption plan. I recently watched the documentary Unlocking the Heart of Adoption and I found myself in tears as I listened to stories about adoptees who were either lied to about their adoptions or left in the dark about who their birthparents were. I called my mom afterwards and we had a great discussion about how an open adoption, while it can be incredibly beneficial and beautiful for the adoptive parents and birthparents, it is crucial for the emotional health of the child. We are Jack's parents. We are raising him. However we
  6. I agree...Birth Woman sounds just plain wrong, but I think there were other points to the article that were worth thinking about. Maybe I'll share only parts of it with my loved ones
  7. Thanks for posting this Elizabeth. I'm going to make copies of it and give it to friends and family. I think a lot of times people don't know WHAT to say and how to handle things. They end up saying the wrong thing most of the time It's always a good reminder. I even learned a few things! With Jack only being 7 weeks old, I am still new to this too. Thanks again!
  8. This is beautiful! I have chills all over. Congratulations to the new family and prayers to the birth mother.
  9. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I read it to my mom and we were both crying by the end of it. I'll admit though, it doesn't take much for me to cry these days! I think I'll print it out and make it into a book to read to Baby Jack when he gets older. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes. Our lives are already changed forever and we are happy beyond words. Life is good. -Lindsey
  10. Welcome aboard friends :)

  11. Welcome to the forum!

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