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  1. Exciting news! So excited for this family of 4! Let the adventures begin
  2. And we would love to cheer on some other Louisiana folk!!!
  3. Welcome baby Hudson! So happy for all of you! Hugs and prayers for all who love this sweet boy
  4. Congrats and prayers for this sweet girl and all who love her! L
  5. Such a sweet announcement.. Congratulations! Love love love the placement photo! Such a lucky little girl to have so many who love her.
  6. Welcome sweet baby Jordyn! I have been smiling all morning Couldn't be happier for this newly formed family!!
  7. So excited for you Rob and Kristy! Baby Cecilia is so blessed to be surrounded by so many who love her. Hugs and prayers for all of you! BTW, love love love the name! Can't wait to see pictures
  8. I love when there are new announcements! It means hearts have been opened and there is a new lil person who is precious, perfect and loved by so many. Little Riley is soooo cute! I love the pics; his cheeks are so squeezable Congrats Mandi, Jeff and Erin!! Boys rock! It's been so fun following your journey and look forward to watching him grow.
  9. So incredibly happy for you! I agree w Melissa, no one is more deserving of this pink miracle than you and this little lady and her first family are lucky to have you. You have demonstrated such poise and grace throughout the process; no doubt you will be exceptional parents. So excited to see all 3 of you this weekend
  10. Hi! Welcome to the forum. Hope you'll post soon!

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