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  1. Hello! I know we are trying to figure out the tax credit since we finalized last year, but we want to make sure the tax credit continues for those who will be finalizing an adoption in the future. We sent a sample letter and the info. below out to family and friends since the tax credit is changing and set to expire in 2014. Please consider sharing this with your family and friends and writing your representatives. If you want to see the sample letter, I'd be happy to share it with you. Find your senators' e-mail addresses: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.
  2. Congrats to the new family of 3!
  3. Congrats Patty & Todd! So happy for you! Welcome Alejandro!
  4. Prayers for all of you and that Colin will continue to get stronger each day.
  5. Congrats Jenni & Mike! Prayers for all who love Colin!
  6. Congrats Lindsey and Ryan! Welcome baby Jack! Prayers for all.
  7. Congrats Raj, Nicole and Rocco! Welcome to your baby girl. Prayers for all. So happy for your family!
  8. Congrats Paredes family! Enjoy that precious baby girl and your time with your newly extended family!
  9. Congrats Segura family! Prayers will continue for your family and his first family.
  10. Congrats Tara, Eric, Hugo, and Hayes! Prayers to all involved.
  11. Elizabeth - That is good and helpful information to hear and remember as you go on this roller coaster ride. Thanks for sharing!
  12. In the beginning we weren't sure if we wanted to go domestic or international. It was very helpful for us to talk to people who had gone through both. In the end we decided domestic because we wanted a newborn. After learning about Abrazo we realized the importance of an open adoption. In the end, I think all children need loving families so it's up to each individual family about what is right for them.
  13. I can only imagine how difficult this decision might be. Since our profile just went 'up in lights' we don't have much experience with the process but we trust that the right match will happen at the right time. It sounds as if that's the case. It also sounds like it is sometimes hard to explain why a couple is chosen but that it just feels right. I think that the questions posted are great questions to ask. It's important that everyone be honest and truthful so a good relationship is built.
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