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  1. This issue has been bugging me since it first popped up and I want to try and get it corrected for you and anyone else it might be affecting. I think I'm going to try another round of solutions. If anyone is experiencing this problem, would you mind sending me a message and letting me know what wireless router you use (Make and model... can be found on a sticker somewhere on your router) and also if you use any type of anti-virus software?
  2. Melissa already touched on it in her post above, but my company also does not offer paid adoption leave. I don't believe they offer paid maternity/paternity leave either. They allow you to take FML time for "family bonding" with adoptions, and that time must be taken within the first 12 months of placement. We do have to go through our paid time off for the year before it starts unpaid time off though. To be honest, I haven't looked into my company's "traditional" maternity/paternity leave policy, but I don't believe they treat adoptive parents any differently. They also offer a pretty ge
  3. You're not being a pain at all! I'm sorry that you're going through this frustration with the forum. Unfortunately, the information you provided sounds like it is an issue with your access point. It's possible that an update may have done something in the background without you knowing. I'll send you a PM to get some more information so I can try and troubleshoot it for you.
  4. It seems like a firewall issue. Have you tried to use a different browser for the forum at your home computer? I know you started using Chrome when you were having posting issues. If you are still using Chrome, have you cleared the cookies/cache? Make sure you choose to clear browsing history, delete cookies and empty the cache from "the beginning of time." It would probably help to choose to clear saved passwords when you do it as well.
  5. Glad it's working for you now! Sorry again for the issues you were having.
  6. Unfortunately, the issue with posting and editing has appeared to be computer specific so far. The computer is just holding onto archived data from before the forum update. Clearing the cache/history and rebooting the computer should correct the issue.... if possible, could you try to use a different browser from your desktop and see if you have the same result?
  7. Wonderful! Does this include editing as well? If the issues persist on your desktop, try to clear your history again and maybe reboot. Let me know if that doesn't fix it!
  8. I apologize for the issues you have been experiencing. I saw in the "What's Up With the Abrazo Forum" thread that you tried to clear your history already. What device are you looking at the forum on and which web browser are you using? Also, when you try to make a post normally or edit a post, what does it do? Does it return an error or simply not respond?
  9. Happy birthday from the Seguras!

  10. I'll try to get Rudy on here, we'll see what happens!!!!

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