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  1. Many blessings to this newly formed family and a big WELCOME to Abrazo's most recent bundle of joy!
  2. Sending up prayers for this newly expanded family. May God bless all involved!
  3. Welcome Baby Esperanza & Congrats to Blake, Andrea, and Madeleine! Be careful with the "to go" bag. :-)
  4. Congrats to the newly expanded Team Davis! A big WELCOME to your handsome bundle of joy, Lil Mr. Brayden!
  5. Congrats and many blessings wished for Tara, Eric, Hugo, Baby Hayes and his birthmom!
  6. Congrats Tara, Eric, and Hugo! Our thoughts and prayers are with all involved.
  7. May God keep this first family and adoptive family in His precious arms. A big WELCOME to Victor and Yuli to the Abrazo Family!
  8. Congrats on the newest addition to the Abrazo family!
  9. Congrats Kristin & Rich on your baby girl! Prayers abound for y'all and BP. God's divine blessings are so evident at Abrazo!
  10. Congrats, Dale and Jennifer! Can't wait to see pictures.
  11. Suzi, you're right...Jermaine is a proud papa! He already has a bold stand from his Navy training, but now with Jakob his chest seems to have expanded more. And thanks as you have me blushing. LOL!
  12. A big THANKS to all for your outpouring of thoughts, prayers, love, and kind words. Jermaine and I are so thankful for Momma Elizabeth (E1) entrusting us with her son and also thrilled about the opportunity to parent Baby Jakob. Night 1 was probably as most would expect...I couldn't help but stare at him all night and didn't get much sleep. It's Night 2 and Jakob is awake at 2am as if it's 2pm. When we return home on Sunday, we'll need to help him adjust his internal clock. After 15 years of marriage, God has shown us this is our season for raising his beautiful creation: Name: Jakob Ja
  13. Thanks, Melissa! As you can see, many of us love Embassy Suites. I may make my way over to their new property downtown and claim amnesia.
  14. Thanks for the congrats! I can't believe it's in the 80's there - I think we should be headed to Texas instead of having my brother come up here :)

  15. Hi Tanya! How's it going for you and Andrew in El Paso? We're making good progress here and looking forward to receiving our completed home study in a couple of weeks.

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